See how a close family resemblance can easily lead to mistaken identity:-

James ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine

Lord Alistair McAlpine, the innocent.

Steve Messham,  remains an innocent abuse victim, since the name ‘McAlpine’ was put to him by the Police when they showed him a photograph of an individual identified by Messham as one of his abusers. It seems entirely likely that this photo was of Lord McAlpine’s cousin,  James ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine. Where did the police get the name ‘McAlpine’ from, why were they not more exact, why was this man not pursued in the investigation? Lord Alistair McAlpine has certainly been the innocent victim of mistaken identity, but what did he know about the activities of his cousin James ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine in North Wales?

Who issued the superinjunction against Newsnight? Perhaps it wasn’t Lord Alistair McAlpine after all? Who is the ‘senior Conservative politician’, closely related to Number Ten, who was mentioned by Tom Watson MP in relation to the Peter Righton case (who, like Jimmy Savile, nobody could imagine was a paedophile, since he was a trusted public figure).

Despite the rather desparate attempts to discredit Steve Messham through Daily Mail articles, through the odious David Mellor calling him ‘a delusional wierdo’ (along with all of Savile’s victims perhaps?), despite the laughable attacks on the BBC by the Tories (as they turn a crisis into an opportunity, seeing the BBC as a nest of liberals and Bolsheviks) and their media-wing  the Murdoch press, despite the attempts to discredit Tom Watson MP,  many questions remain:- The cover-up of the North Wales, Bryn Estyn scandal, the enormous failings of the Waterhouse inquiry (as set-up by William Hague), Lord McAlpine’s silence about his cousin, the ‘clear intelligence’ from the investigation into Righton that there was/is indeed a paedophile ring consisting of wealthy, powerful, political figures and others.

Thankfully, the public, (judging by the comment boards across the internet), is not swallowing the vicious smears, disinformation and spurious attacks issuing forth from the belching mouth of the Establishment. They are standing by the victims, which is as it should be. The deep unease and the sheer hatred for those who use their power to commit the most heinous crimes imaginable, is palpable. This will not go away. We will not go away.




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  3. It is all getting very worrying now.Councillor Malcolm King who was among the original whistleblowers had a car crash the other day suffering a broken leg.He was extremely fortunate though and the Police are examining his car to see if it was sabotage.I’ve known Malcolm for many years,he is the very salt of the earth.

    William Russell Jones.

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