Cos I’m thinking that the entire press, the BBC, the Labore party and the government are all going along with the bizarre narrative that Newsnight, through ‘sloppy journalism’, ‘inspired internet speculation’ about a certain Lord McAlpine (who is infinitely, definitely innocent of everything that wasn’t said, and everything that was)- But… No names were ever mentioned, not in the report, not by the abuse victim, Steve Messham- nothing, nada, nish, nichts.

So how is it, and how can it be proven to have ‘inspired internet speculation’, since as far as I’m aware these awful, terrible, malicious and downright nasty allegations, rumours and falsehoods, had been all over the internet for years and years and years. As far as I’m concerned this assertion is just about as preposterous and as surreal as it can be, not least, the strange apology given by Mr.Messham, essentially apologising for something he hadn’t actually said- and not least because a superinjunction was in place forbidding ‘a name’ to be mentioned in the report (although which name it was supposed to be is another matter). All very peculiar, all very Kafkaesque…I suppose you could sue the entire interweb, if you were of a mind to, and wealthy enough- Still it’ll be interesting to see it go to a libel court….whenever that happens…Or is it just me…?

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more’



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