‘Athens, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon – everyone in the streets!”*

In  23 cities and many more towns, working class people across Europe protested against the bank-imposed austerity to ensure the repayment of their greed-induced bad debts.



 The “Day of Action and Solidarity”was called by the The European Trade Union Confederation – it was the first time it had organised such strike action in four countries, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, with solidarity actions and strikes  in other nations such as Belgium and Poland.

Italian students

In Madrid protesters jammed cash machines with glue and coins and plastered anti-government stickers on shop windows. Power consumption dropped 16 percent with factories idled. People chanted “We have the solution, send the bankers to prison! The largely peaceful demonstrators were attacked by the police for their trouble, as were the thousands outside the parliament in Lisbon.

However, more militant, anti-authoritarian and socially antagonistic proletarians fought back-

Italian militants

In Italy, 17 cops were wounded in clashes as tens of thousands of students and workers took to the streets of Rome, Milan, Turin and around 100 other towns and cities, calling for more safeguards for jobs and pensions and protesting against Prime Minister Mario Monti.


In the most serious incident, around 20 militants were seen beating an officer with sticks and baseball bats in Turin, while a dozen cops were hurt in running street battles in the centre of Milan.

In Rome, dozens of protesters hurled stones and bottles and smashed up cars as they tried to break through lines of police who responded with tear gas and used armoured cars to force them back.


In the UK the Labour-TUC ensured nothing at all happened, although there was a small demo  against the sacking of 28 Crossrail workers, that had been planned to coincide with European strikes, which attempted to block traffic on Oxford Street in London.

French Firefighters

Increasingly, people across Europe are learning what the ‘democratic deficit‘ really means, and that in essence their elected politicans represent their own interests and that of their class allies, the bankers and the corporates heads, that the only way they can enforce their rule is through the batons, flash-grenades and jackboots of their riot police. The rule of the paedophiliac, cannibalistic, capitalist elite is looking increasingly precarious- as precarious as the livelihoods of millions of workers across the continent.


* and every-bloody-where-else!


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  1. scherben

    As you pointed out, nothing in the UK again
    Tame sheep to the slaughter

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