I live in a London borough which has one of the worst deprivation ratings in this Great Grey city, and indeed the whole country- a few statistics should suffice to illustrate:-

~ 50% of the kids in my borough live in households that depend on state benefits.

~ 75% of them live in social housing, of which 17% live in overcrowded conditions.

~ 30% live in a household without a working adult.

…and plenty live in B+Bs because there is not enough affordable housing- it was recently reported that there has been a 60% rise in children and pregnant women living in single rooms in hotels.

This is one borough, in one city, and admittedly one of the poorest, but multiply the similarly poor economic conditions across the UK, and you have hundreds of thousands of children growing up in deprived communities, and yes, it’s not Africa, and all poverty is absolutely relative, but…Poor social conditions, low wages, shit housing (designed by posh architects) and poverty, virtually guarantee poor life chances, they manufacture psychological and emotional dysfunction in families and individuals, they lead to drug and alcohol dependence, truancy from school ( the industrial production of  supposedly ‘responsible and productive citizens’), a generally poor education ,ultimately more unemployment andcountless other issues, like teen motherhood, infant abandonment etc, etc. These kids have no real ‘quality of life’ with struggling parents who lose hope of ever having anything approaching a ‘better life’ (as advertised), some of who either give up on their kids, or take it out on them. Where a recent survey showed that one in three children have never owned a book, there are many families who can’t afford to eat, let alone read. This is too is child abuse.

Kids may get into trouble with the cops, with their families, with school, they may run away from emotional, sexual, physical and psychological abuse and where do some of them end up? In ‘care’- State care, where the chances of being abused increase massively, either from child-abusers within the system, or by those who prey on children from without. These kids are the product of an economic system that is under-pinned by a vicious class system, where those who presume themselves to be ‘superior’, ‘educated’, ‘cultured’ and ‘civilised’ preside over grotesque inequalities of opportunity, wealth and education, who sneer at the thought of paying more taxes to subsidise a supposed ‘culture of entitlement’, who rail against ‘chavs’ ‘plebs’ and ‘ethnics’. It is these people, who lecture the poor about ‘personal responsibility’, who are happy to revel in the benefits of their own  upper or middle class status , with all the power that it confers, who are ultimately responsible for these children and for those of them who have ended up suffering utterly degrading and inhuman treatment at the hands of sexual sociopaths- (who often inhabit positions of power themselves). The current economic ‘crisis’- the one created by the greed of a completely corrupt and debased ruling class, and an illusion of infinite sustainable growth and ‘progress’, is only going to wreck more people’s lives, through cuts, mass lay-offs and the destruction of social protections. The bastard Tory government is looking to ‘abolish’ child poverty- not the actual reality of it, but by ‘disappearing’ it statistically, by altering the parameters by which social scientists measure it- Why? So they can push more children into it, to camouflage their actions, to cut more of the welfare safety net.

All of the (mainly working class) children in care homes today, or those in care in North Wales, Jersey or any of the other disgusting factory-farms for mass sexual abuse over the past decades, were abused by the class system long before they ended up in care, and the wealthy, the rich, and their apologists, the middle class, were either responsible for ,or party to that abuse…

…and then you silly bastards wonder why there were riots last year?



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