It has emerged that the inquiry set up by the government, headed by Mrs Justice Julia Macur, into the Waterhouse inquiry ( ad absurdum) will only investigate ‘scores‘ of abuse cases from the mass-rapes and molestions that occured in and around North Wales children’s care homes for decades, as opposed to the hundreds of documented cases.  This is despite the fact that yet more victims have come forward with, presumably, corroborating evidence…


‘ Senior peers said a judicial review of the four-year Waterhouse inquiry into the care home scandal ordered by the Prime Minister should now be scrapped following the retraction by abuse victim Steven Messham.

Lord Berwick, a former Appeal Court judge, said further inquiry by Mrs Justice Julia Macur was now irrelevant. He was backed by Lord Mackay of Clashfern, the former Conservative Lord Chancellor, and Baroness Butler-Sloss, also a retired judge.

“There is no longer any need for another high court judge to go over the work done by Sir Ronald Waterhouse and that on the contrary we should all be grateful for the impeccable nature of his inquiry and the thoroughness of his report,” Lord Lloyd said. ‘

Impeccable? Thorough?

Steven Messham was one of many, many victims, and he certainly has not retracted any of the proven abuse he was subject to whilst in care as a child. Mr.Messham only retracted a name he never actually mentioned publicly under the threat of legal action by a wealthy man with powerful friends.

Baroness Butler-Dross, sorry, Sloss DBE,

[Baroness Butler-Sloss DBE presided over the inquiry into the hugely controversial Cleveland child abuse scandal. (Curiously, some aspects of the Cleveland Child Sexual Abuse Scandal have been likened to a mediaeval witch-hunt, lead by paediatricians and social workers against parents accused of abuse ( accused by those professionals), on the basis of an untested medical theory. Public sympathy sided with the parents, whereas Butler-Sloss found that the pediatricians had “acted properly“]
It would appear that these ‘noble’ Peers of the Realm do not think justice would be served by a new investigation into North Wales- a view that is diametrically opposed the vast majority of the public.  They presumably believe it is ‘not in the public interest’.  Which either means they are extraordinarily out of touch with us, extraordinarily arrogant, extraordinarily stupid, or they have ulterior motives, such as preserving the time-honoured British tradition of maintaining the status quo by maintaining the illusion that the ruling class of this sorry shithole are anything but ‘Great and Good’…


FOOTNOTE :- Seems the press are using the whole McAlpine charade to attack the findings of the Levenson Inquiry now, as the Daily Fail has basically said its findings are compromised, because one of the Judge’s advisors, a Sir David Bell, is also a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalists -involved in the naughty Newsnight story where Lord McAlpine wasn’t named. What a bloody mess, the tabloid press got caught using illegal and immoral methods to get meaningless tittle-tattle, hardly ever going after the rich and shameless, and are now faced with regulation by a government that worked with  hand-in-glove the same corrupt journalists, which then set-up an inquiry so broad as to be pointless…Now we’re heading back to the staus quo of limited regulation, with the added benefit of Murdoch being able to kick the BBC when it’s down. (I’m in no way in favour of state censorship, but I’m equally opposed to the capitalist press being full of shit with politicians in their pockets).


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