I’m loving the way the government and their agencies are now shifting the entire child abuse narrative onto the Pakistani community, not the majority white offenders, and well away from the alleged Peter Righton-related paedophile ring in ruling class circles. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all total scumbags, but those in power can conspire to conceal their crimes far more easily, are supposed to protect society from such abuse and of-course such people are in a position to influence child protection policies, just as Righton was…With senior government sources described the recent Children’s Commissioner’s report as “hysterical and half-baked” and failing to focus on cases such as the Rochdale grooming/abuse ring…In reality the report also pointed to a disproportionate percentage of the victims coming from ethnic minorities, not that anybody wanting to hype the racial angle gives a shit that a statistically high proportion of black and asian kids have been abused.

Across the internet, on blogs and on comment threads for news articles, there is a great deal of commentary aiming to steer people into thinking that the Rochdale case, involving Pakistani and Afghan men, and the recent case in Cambridge, are somehow more important than the fact of a wealthy, powerful, paedophile ring in high places- even to the extent of someone saying on one thread that the furore over Jimmy Savile was some kind of ‘PC’ cover-up for the aforementioned cases!  Meanwhile other unctious racists blame ‘The Jews’ for child abuse, not least the demented followers of the neo-nazi Nick Griffin of BNP infamy.

The fact is, the upper class paedophiles will certainly welcome the deflection of blame and outrage onto different ethnic minorities, but in reality it makes no difference, since any sane person recognises that child-abuse is a problem throughout society regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, creed or background.  However, most of us poor, sorry citizen-subjects are lead to believe that those who govern us, make and uphold the law for us, profit from us, preach to us and supposedly protect us,  are also somehow morally and socially superior  and therefore more trustworthy– which is where they derive their legitimacy from in order to rule over us.  So the fact that some of them are involved in raping children is certainly of more concern than your average, run-of-the-mill abusers, whether the operate out of a kebab shop, church vestry or school staff room-( though they are, naturally, no less disgusting.)

Since recent efforts to sweep the whole issue of elite organised paedophilia, that predates on the most vulnerable, is  failing in the face of mass internet use and free speech, it is easy to see how a rather unsophisticated strategy of disinformation and scapegoating  appeals to those in power, though thankfully this angle only panders to those pre-disposed to that other form of mental illness, racism, while the rest of us however know full well who the really guilty men are…





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