So the new Governor of the Bank of England is ‘ex’ – Goldman Sachs’  Mark Carney (Goldman Sachs is the multinational investment banking firm that engages in global investment banking, securities, investment management, bailout-sponging and rate-fixing- known as the”Great Vampire Squid”), thus completing the global domination of Europe’s financial system, which itself is currently crushing national sovereignty in favour of  the survival of international Capital.  George Osborne might have recruited Carney on the basis of his “success” in Canada. But in reality he is just another Alan Greenspan — a debt bubble-maker and reinflationist happy to pump the banking sector full of digitally printed money and call it “prosperity” before the irrational exuberance runs dry, and the bubble inevitably bursts…

So a bunch of crooks in suits (even by capitalism’s own standards) are set to ride roughshod over the ‘democratic deficit’,  across Europe,  with more profitable austerity, imposed on us, for the benefit of themselves and other bankers. Someone once said that in order to control the world, you must first control Europe…So let the social vampirism commence, as the self-proclaimed ‘Masters of the Universe’ suck all the wealth out of ‘society’ (that’s you and me- the working class, or proletariat), by slashing welfare, driving down wages and working conditions to maximise social passivity and boost profits (I think they call it ‘simplifying the cost-base‘), all so that they, their privileged off-spring and that of their global class, can continue to live a life of materially glutted idleness off the back of millions of impoverished people.  These bastards have no nation, their class is international and they laugh at the limited world-view of their class enemy (again, that’s you and me- the working class, or proletariat). Roll on the next ‘Lehman-type event’, and see the smiles wiped off their faces as the banks and governments fall like rotten fruit and the working class of every nation come looking for the architects of the Depression…

“The next moment the front of the column went by.  It was not a column, but a mob, an awful river that filled the street, the people of the abyss, mad with drink and wrong, up at last and roaring for the blood of their masters.  I had seen the people of the abyss before, gone through its ghettoes, and I thought I knew it; but I found I was now looking at it for the first time.  Dumb apathy had vanished.  It was now dynamic– a fascinating spectacle of dread.  It surged past my vision in concrete waves of wrath, snarling and growling, carnivorous, drunk with whiskey from pillaged warehouses, drunk with hatred, drunk with lust for blood– men, women and children, in rags and tatters, dim ferocious intelligences with all the godlike blotted from their features and all the fiendlike stamped in, like apes and tigers, anaemic consumptives and great hairy beasts of burdon, wan faces from which the vampire society had sucked the juice of life, bloated forms swollen with physical grossness and corruption, withered hags and death’s heads bearded like patriarchs, festering youth and festering age, faces of fiends, crooked, twisted misshapen monsters blasted with the ravages of disease and all the horrors of chronic innutrition– the refuse and scum of life, a raging, screaming, screeching, demoniacal horde.

And why not? The people of the abyss had nothing to lose but the misery and pain of living….”

(Jack London- The Iron Heel 1908)

For more on the “Great Vampire Squid” -See here.




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  1. scherben

    Judging by the documentary about that rich fucking scumbag Donald Trump, they truly believe that every nation is theirs.
    Cops arrest the film maker: the private security of the rich filth

  2. Drivebycommenter

    “Someone once said that in order to control the world, you must first control Europe”
    Don’t know about that but Brzezinski, who once wrote that controlling Asia meant controlling the world, has now changed his tune and says that the world is uncontrollable, unconquerable, and that the global population is getting wise to the scams – partly due to stuff like this on gadgets like this. This much I do know.

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