With the Levenson Enquiry report due out this week we can only imagine what a lilly-livered white-wash it will be, notwithstanding the fact that the Capitalist press is solely interested in making money, manipulating or sucking-up to political and financial power, the issue of state or self-regulation is practically irrelevent, but given the sheer amount of Dirt the tabloids are capable of raking up, or rather, the sheer amount of compromising data they hold on the Rich and Shameless in power, we should expect that the press will be allowed to continue its exposure of total ‘nobodies’ using illicitly gained information.  Meanwhile, many wealthy, powerful and famous scumbags will be allowed to continue committing crimes aginst children and humanity as a whole, sheltered by a press which will only ever expose them should the political or business need arise… It stretches credulity to think that The News of the World or The Sun never knew anything about Sir Jimmy Savile, all the while induging in utter bollocks like ‘Squidgygate’ and countless other examples of pointless info-tainment tittle-tattle to keep the public’ from focussing on more serious matters…and in a world of ‘D’-Notices, super-injunctions, pre-libellous compensation threats and an already rigorous form of self-censorship when it comes to the Establishment, where is the point in any Public Enquiry anyway?

As we are heading into at least six years (until 2018) of an ongoing economic Depression which has been described as the “equivalent of war”,  it’s comforting to know the press will be serving up steaming hot piles of lies by the shovelful to keep our minds off our misery- as they used to post outside bombed shops during the Blitz-‘Business as Usual’… We are indeed on a ‘War footing’.




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  1. Any action taken in response to the Levenson Report will have to be judged alongside the actions taken against twitter users by Lord McAlpine.

  2. Greg

    This Levenson nonsense. What a load of bollocks..
    -Jeremy Hunt exonerated from any leaning towards Bskyb.
    -The cops exonerated from any ‘close’ dealings with the media.
    -Journalists and politicians are not too close.
    -Camerons weasly defence of free speech, solely because Murdochs arm is operating levers up his arse
    Bercow using every legal loophole he can squeeze through to not let the press have the MPs names that have been renting properties to each other. The sacred cows of the McCanns, Dowlers, Hugh Grants are the human shields to protect the rich and powerful. Bbbbbbut we have the internet !! Theres no way McAlpines lawyers can find those twitterers, its just a pathetic attempt to censor the web.

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