So, our intrepid free press failed after many, many, many decades to find out anything of any public interest about the revolting, and revoltingly well-heeled, and connected, Sir Jimmy SaVile OBE and Papal Knight of the Holy Order of Child-Molesters and Rapists? What? Nothing but charity work, knighthoods, gongs and tea with Mrs.T? When they could get details on just about anybody, from murdered children, to the families of the victims of terror attacks and soldiers who had died in combat? No ‘Gotcha!’? No filth? Not a drop? Despite all the rumours? You’re having a laugh!

The ‘Free Press’ isn’t free, it’s motivated purely by profit- and the more pointless sensational shit it can shift the better, as long as it isn’t really in the public interest, rather than real stories about the moral and financial corruption of the rich and powerful, like the truth about the economic toilet the bastards have dumped us into. No, ‘Sir Jim’ simply had too many friends in High Places, and they all have a fantastic relationship with the newspapers, since without the garbage they peddle, nobody would really bother to vote any more and the ‘Blatcherite’ scum would have to resort to brute force rather than lies and deceptions in order to continue thieving from the rest of us. Why people lap up what is as good as dog-sick masquerading as ‘news’ is beyond me.

Even if the poxy government was to regulate the shitty, bumfodder press, it would still be like putting a wolf in charge of the sheep, just like their puerile efforts to ‘regulate’ the banks- a fucking joke, one which is on us, just like the Leveson Enquiry Report and the Press as a whole. Well, I ain’t laughing, but Murdocchio is…



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