People call it ‘apathy’ or ‘disillusionment’, I prefer to call the mass abstention of voters in yesterday’s by-elections an expression of contempt for the political class and their masters, the bankers- the figures speak for themselves-

~ Rotherham, 66.4% Abstention

~Croyden North, 73.6% Abstention

~Middlesborough, 74.1% Abstention

…and let’s not forget those spoiled ballot papers too!

Even for by-elections, these figures are massive, down 50% on the dismal turn-out for the last General Election, and let’s face it, the Coalition government was never returned with any real mandate from the people to carry out any of the policies now in effect (not including all the broken promises). What do they expect when we all know that the shower of good for nothing, bastards are all the same?:- corrupt, lying, thieving*, conniving, self-serving, paedo-enabling Blatcherite scum in bed with a bent press, corporate tax-avoiding lobbyists, the rate-fiddling, bail-out begging banksters (with another bailout on the way too) and the war-mongering Neo-con US military-industrial complex, presiding over a precarious bankrupt political economy dependent on the infinite creation of money-as-debt to prop up an insane model of perpetual unsustainable, illusory ‘growth’. When inflation becomes uncontrollable and the Bond Market bubble bursts, they will reap the bitter fruit that they have sown.

No doubt there will be much liberal hand-wringing over the long, slow death of bourgeois democracy, with that old refrain of ‘if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!’- well, I say the reverse is true, when you hand over your personal sovereignty to a bunch of rich cunts (when 78% of all current MPs are millionaires) you can only but keep your mouth shut, if for no other reason than sheer embarassment

bankers vs people_0


*It’s worth knowing that MPs expenses have only fallen by 1% since the expenses scandal broke- so it’s business as usual in the Dunghouses of Parliament.


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