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…and this man should know, having been a Treasury official under Ronald Reagan.





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-for impersonating the late Karl Marx and for advocating the redistribution of all social wealth through domestic heating vents.


Later a group of enraged elves collectively decided to withdraw their labour  and to burn down Christmas in an act of protest and solidarity…


Happy Yule and Peace on Earth to all men women and elves of good will- (the rest can go to hell)-


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It’s amazing to see the panic-buying of semi-automatic assault rifles in the aftermath of the mass shooting of 20 kids and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut USA, whether it is out of fear of gun control laws or an idea to equalise the firepower of another  imagined future mass murder is anyone’s guess, but one thing if for certain, those buying the weapons are almost certainly, unknowingly, providing the means for the next massacre (notably after every massacre the sales of the exact weapon used rockets, in a perverse form of advertising)…


Now in principle I think a people armed is a good thing, presupposing that that people are rational actors of-course, and that the right to form militias to throw of tyranny is a given in my book- but this is America we’re talking about, the Land of Lost Opportunity, the land that came in to being through the concept of ‘Manifest Destiny’ , ‘rugged individualism’ , slavery and a God-given right to commit genocide, despite the fundamental democratic principle that religion should be separate from the state along with the judiciary and the legislature… Sadly, the very good reasons for ‘the people’ to be armed have long since won the day, the tyranny of the market prevails and so does a peculiarly American  concept of Christian Social-Darwinism, that supports the very tyranny that is supposedly the threat. The John Wayne-machismo-loving middle classes don’t so much fear the government for taxing it or for wanting its guns, no, they fear those beneath them on the slippery slope of a class system that is supposed not to exist in the US.


(‘Rugged individualism’ in action?)

This Christian Social-Darwinism is marked by a total absence of  compassion for the poor or needy (despite what the Idiot of Nazarene said) and thinks that ‘free’ healthcare provided by the state is tantamount to full-on godless bolshevism ,  confusingly painting the hapless corporate puppet Pres.Obama  as either Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Bin Laden or Stalin as the nemesis of the white middle classes ,bringing the revenge of the ghettos with him into the White House and down Main Street. Some of the right-wing adherents of the 2nd Amendment believe that if it was interpreted correctly, ordinary citizens should be able to carry the modern equivelant to 18th Century infantry weapons (sword, pike, flintlock pistol and muskets) which would mean shoulder-fired missiles, heavy machine guns, mortars and hand-grenades (though I suppose this might also include tactical battlefield nukes)…


What America was, or could have been, is long since lost, the America of social justice, a refuge from persecution, religious or otherwise, a New World built on new values was buried under the filth, greed  and corruption of the Railroad bosses, the Chicago industrialists, the Tamany Hall bigwigs and the showman politicians from Teddy Roosvelt onwards.  They succeeded, by and large, in irradicating any social sense of human community in their nation in the pursuit of profits and enrichment, through coercion and corruption, often through the gun- As the millionaire industrialist Jay Gould said in the late 1800s, ‘I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half’ ultimately ensuring that the America of Anne Hutchinson and the antinomianists, Tom Paine, Herman Husband,Nat Turner,Henry Thoreau,  Frederick Douglass ,Josiah Warren, the Molly Maguires , Albert and Lucy Parsons, the IWW,  Emma Goldman and countless experimental colonies established to institute social justice was buried under an illusory dream of personal enrichment.


The legendary ‘frontier’ so dear to so many Americans still exists in their minds- although it has become everybody and everything outside of themselves and represents mortal  danger to them- just as the paranoid, imperial US foreign policy paints anything not within its control as being a threat to ‘national security’.


Obama ‘wept’ when speaking of those murdered children, knowing full-well that drone strikes across the world kill and mutilate on his orders…and that the weapons ‘lost’ by the FBI in Mexico supplying organised crime there in a supposed ‘sting’ operation, will kill many more innocent children and adults, never mind the countless deaths from poverty fuelled crime in cities across the US…


Meanwhile, obesity and deaths from car accidents in America kill far more people than guns do (and the largest proportion of those shot commited suicide), yet nobody suggests banning cars or fast food (yet), as the capitalist juggernaut rolls on, praised by its own victims who arm themselves against themselves, without realising they are their own worst enemy through ignoring the fact that it is only the wealthy elite that really reaps the benefits of the American Dream.


For more on gun massacres:-


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dog eat dog

Earlier this week I saw a morning report on the odious BBC about the rise in shoplifting in the UK, where the reporter said how mothers had been caught nickling baby formula and baby food, he asked a man on the street whether he thought people who were stealing from shops did so out of ‘desperation or greed’, (with there being, I suppose, no possibility of a myriad of other reasons) the man said he had shoplifted before because he had been a drug addict…A representative of the retail industry bemoaned the fact that shops were having to put security items on items it was ‘uneconomic’ to electronically tag – in other words not worth tagging for the shops, but worth nicking to the poor…


The reporter concluded, that shoplifting was the reason for price-rises paying customers would have to endure and that there ‘was an alternative’ in the form of charity foodbanks.  This blatant piece of propaganda for the rights of the truly greedy property-owning class made me think how far the art of propaganda has penetrated our world, from marketing and advertising to government ‘advice’ and electioneering, to stimulate the economy through conditioning people to want to consume stuff they do not need by spending the little money they have, to expand the market for products and to ensure ‘growth’.


The father of modern advertising, Edward Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and he wrote a  book on the subject of ‘Propaganda’  where he stated that the most important feature of a democracy was the manipulation of the ‘mass mind’ through advertising and the media.  This book was apparently read by the Nazi Minister Joseph Goebbels who adopted his ideas in order to gain the consent of the German people for the Hitler dictatorship and an imperial racial world war.


Advertising and politics have, since the early part of the last century been very close bed-fellows, and have both utilised the relatively new science of psychology in the pursuit of the aims of power and wealth. Both Bernays and Hitler were fond of Gustave Le Bon’s infamous book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind . So whether it was the selling of genocidal racism or nylon stockings, the aim was the same- to influence people’s thinking and opinions.


Propaganda and advertising (essentially one and the same thing) both depend on creating a mind-set based on a variety of false psychological needs and in essence producing what is known as a ‘conditioned reflex’ – a term coined by the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov after his well-known experiments on dogs, where he conditioned them to salivate in anticipation of being fed, in association with the ringing of a bell ( he measured the saliva by making a hole in the dogs cheeks, exposing the salivery gland and attaching a phial in which the spit was collected). He discovered that without the food, and just by the ringing of the bell the dogs would start to slobber. Hence the expression ‘Pavlov’s dog’.


What is less known about the good Professor Pavlov is that he conducted the same experiments on children- the homeless and the orphaned- using exactly the same vile methods. The Soviet government feted Pavlov, and he won a Nobel prize for his ‘discoveries’.


Advertising and propaganda equally seek to produce a conditioned reflex, or response, from their subjects to want things, from the supposed social approval and staus of having the latest iPhone, to believing a certain product will enhance your chances of gaining a sexual partner, to accepting that the invasion of another country is justified based on untrue fear-mongering  about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ , to using children in the adverts for cars to subliminally associate them with safety, innocence, pleasure and an ecologically sound  future and to buying  into the false economy of poorly made, disposable crap , believing it has some intrinsic value, by artificially creating demand for shoddy goods with  built-in obsolescence within a system of artificial scarcity. Ultimately, advertising and marketing ensures the cyclical turnover of the production and circulation of commodities that maintain the flow of wealth upwards towards the already very wealthy.


Meanwhile, the BBC and other corporate media outlets peddle the capitalist version of reality day in and day out, they fail to mention that an increase in shoplifting is a direct result of the collapse of the financial system in 2008 brought about by the unrestrained greed of the bankers and their errand boys in politics, that employee theft is far greater than the losses incurred by shoplifters, that the ‘loss’ is already built into the product nicked and covered by insurance.


They glibly report the vulgar and Nazi-like Tory hate campaign aimed at the unwaged-  a crass device to divide working class people against each other- claiming that the ‘idle’ live a life of luxury, sleeping in, owning the very largest of that coveted product the flat-screen TV, that scroungers and skivers are the enemy of working people, ignoring the fact that those who are to have their benefits cut are recipients who are actually in work…(Just as in the same way the rioters in 2011 were berated for their ‘greed’ in looting high-end consumer goods, electrical and ‘posh’ clothing ). Then they carry stories on how the government wishes to promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables- why? Because the marking men have promoted crapulent dross as the coolest, best and most convenient food to eat- and that effects people’s health to such an extent that it means a higher expenditure on healthcare- and certainly not because they give two shits for  people’s health…


We live in a constant state of siege whereby the pushers of commodities and of ‘Order’ want to manipulate you into a state of slack-jawed submission and the passive acceptance of the exploitation of yourself and others, into accepting the word of the media as being the’ gospel truth’.


Well, they can GO FUCK THEMSELVES, because more and more of us see through the veil of the 24hr rolling lie-machine, and we refuse to salivate on demand

‘The law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.’

(17th Century English proverb)

The Art of Shoplifting



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It is a well known fact that a diet of nothing but rabbit, or any lean meat, can cause what is known as ‘Rabbit starvation‘- In essence, the body uses more energy digesting the protein than it gains from eating it, consequently leading to a depletion of the body’s stored energy in fat and muscle, damaging the liver and kidneys and ultimately, to death…


I think this is a perfect metaphor for industrial capitalism, where our species is literally eating itself to death in a variety of  novel and exciting ways, economically and socially – lead as we are, by those arch-consumers of material, environmental and gastronmic wealth- the upper classes.


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Argentine authorities have sent hundreds of troops to the southern city of Bariloche after a spate of looting.

At least three supermarkets in the popular ski resort were targeted, causing panic among local residents and tourists.

Dozens of people, many with their faces covered, broke into the supermarkets stealing electronics, toys and clothes.

The government blamed small criminal gangs but local authorities pinned the attacks on anarchist organisations.

Governor Alberto Weretilneck called for federal troops to restore order in Rio Negro, in the country’s Patagonia region.

“With this type of action, these groups have been trying to paint a false picture of social and political collapse,” the provincial authorities said in a statement.


UPDATE:- It gets better and better, the looting/rioting has spread from Bariloche in Patagonia to the industrial cities of Campana and Zarate, in Buenos Aires province, in Resistencia in the north and outside a Carrefour supermarket in San Fernando…The mass expropriations and spontaneous disobedience of proletarians across Argentina is a living example of  autonomous solidarity and class consciousness- one which we hope is emulated the world over, spreading the seasonal joy of revolt across continents, after all, isn’t Santa Claus just one big fat communist who works at night distributing wealth to those who deserve it?


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‘ The retired general described an experiment in which a mouse ran a maze with a computer chip wired into its brain. After the researchers transferred that chip to another mouse that had never seen the course, the second mouse could run the maze.’

Which makes this look positively out-dated:-

‘A patent for next-generation handcuffs offers a future in which the detained can be zapped directly from their restraints, and even injected with a medication, sedative, irritant, paralytic, or other fine substance.’


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The Independent Runs Op Fairbanks,Elm Guest House Story.

It ain’t over yet…


Even though I can assure readers that Exaro News is a very credible source with excellent and respected journalists. I know some still prefer a MSM source. So here is The Independent story.

There is no more ordinary-looking row of suburban Edwardian houses in the country than Rocks Lane, south-west London. But nowhere has given rise to such an outlandish series of allegations than the one formerly known as Elm Guest House. The claims are now being re-investigated by the Metropolitan Police, decades after they were first made. Attempts have been made by care workers to lay bare the secrets of Rocks Lane but to no avail. Whatever the outcome of their investigations in the past, the police seem convinced that a number of serious wrongs need to be righted.

Rocks Lane is a conspiracy theorist’s dream, taking in allegations of the grooming of young boys in care for sex, elaborate gay…

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Rioting broke out last week in Argentina after 13 people were acquitted over the disappearance of a young woman who was allegedly kidnapped and forced  into sex slavery.

When Maria de los Angeles “Marita” Veron vanished in 2002, her mother, Susana Trimarco, launched a one-woman campaign to find her – and rescued hundreds of women from sex slavery along the way. Ms Trimarco’s search exposed an underworld of organised crime figures who operate brothels with protection from authorities across Argentina.

The 13 people on trial – seven men and six women – faced up to 25 years in prison if convicted on charges they abducted Ms Veron and made her work as a prostitute. The three judges delayed the verdict for more than four hours before coming to their unanimous decision: not guilty of all charges.The judges explained that despite the testimony of over 130 witnesses, including a dozen former sex slaves who described brutal conditions in brothels, there was no physical evidence linking any of the defendants to Ms Veron, and no trace of her whereabouts. Susana Trimarco said she suspected judicial corruption was behind the acquittals.

Increasingly we are seeing organised sexual abuse of women and children reaching into the heart of the boss class across the world, not content with merely exploiting people for financial gain through the profit system, the capitalists want to violate people in the most intimate of ways to make their conquest complete.  Rape and abuse is the now the common currency of power, and it is good to see that such injustices have for once resulted in an outraged, direct and visceral attack on the rapist State and its agents.


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APOCALYPSE- 21/12/2012 ?


Only a week away from the much touted and ‘prophetic’ end of the Mayan long-count calendar and the internet is a-buzz with various sudden end-of-the-world scenarios, from solar storms and polar shifts to nuclear Armageddon and ‘Planet-X’.  The fact is, the Mayan people today dispute all of the Biblical End-of Days bullshit and say that-

‘‘There are two sides to the story,’ he told CBC. ‘The one that we know is this apocalyptic meaning that has been given to the Long Count.

‘The other side of the story is the Mayan side, which you rarely see on media articles, because they never interview my own people.’ ‘For them it’s a joyous event, not an apocalyptic event. What is coming is the end of a calendar and the beginning of a new one.

More to the point, if you’re looking for a catastrophe, well you’re right in the middle of one, for in reality the apocalypse began in 2008 with the Great Financial Crash (or GFC as the ‘experts’ put it) and it’s not over yet, that and the global production of oil reached its peak in the same year.  Given the fact that the entire world’s economy depends on car-culture, plastics and petroleum-based products from fertilizer to electronics, that’s not a good thing.


Meanwhile, all the big banks are now dependent on injections of liquidity through government and central bank bailouts and subsidies. In the US QE4 has just been announced pressuring the European ruling class into matching the creation of more paper money lest they are put at a disadvantage in terms of trade imbalances.  In the UK the Bank of England is looking to inject yet more money into the bankrupt banks.  Meanwhile the ‘smart money’ is flooding into bonds and Precious Metals creating an ever more straining and bloated bubble in the former, with the latter having its price manipulated  down through market rigging (as a rush into gold would not exactly boost investor confidence). This in itself poses the risk of the bond market collapsing suddenly as they are so tied to the political and social crises unfolding in Europe, the ‘fiscal cliff’ in the US and the strong possibility of a war engineered in either the middle or far east.  The rich are willing to play this dangerous game of instability because they have no other choice but to ‘fake it until they make it’, hoping that if they prop-up an artificial economy long enough with printed cash, growth will magically reappear- despite the apparently counter-intuitive policies of austerity.


From the Western point of view, the elimination of the social market economy and its model of welfare coupled with the crushing of the middle classes and of worker’s rights and living standards ought to be enough to ultimately re-stimulate the economy, except that Europe has exported all of its industry to developing nations and is too far behind in its efforts to re-train and re-industrialise society. They hope to produce a workforce that can compete with the cheap, barely unionised, newly-emerged proletariats in India, Brazil and China, by returning to the social conditions of the nineteenth century; no healthcare, no subsidised housing, reduced or eliminated welfare, no unions. In China 14yr olds have been found working in factories- the same economic logic is returning to the west as the British Government opens  corporate ‘Studio Schools’ where children  are sent out to do unpaid labour. This impoverishment is already well under way in the US- if you are too poor to get health insurance, you get no medical treatment once the few social credits you had run out- essentially the only option left is to go and die in the gutter. This Social-Darwinian ethos of ‘Your Death is My Life’ is the ultimate capitalist utopia- where pure, naked, self-interest rules the day, and everyone competes with everyone else for even the lowest paid, dangerous job.

apoca capital

A system which touts ‘opportunity for all’ knowing full well that there is no more room at the top of the social pyramid, except for the most vicious of competitors , those who are willing to forfeit their humanity for material gain and where the ‘Devil takes the hindmost’. The inherently fascistic culture of corporate capitalism is with us today in all but embryo, where euphemisms serve to mask the realities, when ‘simplifying the cost base’ means throwing people out of work, into more debt and making them homeless, where the patent lack of democracy in virtually every workplace makes a mockery of the idea of living in a ‘democratic’ society.  Meanwhile corporations like Microsoft sell us the idea of a pluralist, atomised, consumer individualism, where the latest gadget or social network will act as a substitute for real democratic participation and community.  These exercises in ‘soft power’ produce the ‘soft violence’ of invisible social suffering, the suicides, the addictions, the destruction of relationships, the material want, the financial hardships, where people lose self-respect in a social system that never respected them as sovereign human beings  and the incarceration of those who finally explode.  The Oligarchs, the austerity implementers, the warmongers, the baby-killers,  know full well they are attempting to pull-off one of the greatest heists in human history, all the while balancing the real possibility of economic collapse against a zombie economy which cannot grow when potential consumers either lose their jobs or fear losing them, while they see prices rise year on year with the expansion of the money supply which eats into the value of their pay and therefore their spending power.


Ultimately, the millionaires (11,000,000 globally) and the billionaires (2,160 globally) are shitting in their Calvin Klein’s, Agent Provocateurs and $100 Frigo pants at the thought of there being nothing left at the end of the rainbow, that the promise of growth is an illusion on a planet of finite resources, that capitalism has reached the apex of its development and must either collapse in spectacular fashion or decline like the empires of old- after all, Rome wasn’t destroyed in a day.  The Law of Entropy rears its ugly head, like the memento mori of mediaeval moralists who cautioned the wealthy that they would not, after all, enter the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, to remind the rich that capitalism is not compatible with the maintenance of life on such a small planet. They know the zero-sum game is nearly up, they are debating as to how to maintain their power in the face of universal, planetary crisis and are hoping to shift the blame onto mankind’s propensity to reproduce himself- over-population is to be blamed for poverty, not the system that creates artificial scarcity- so now they seek murderous Malthusian solutions to the problem of ‘spare capacity in the labour market’( Where in fact, all the world’s cities could comfortably fit into Western Australia, which means there is plenty of land, but certainly not enough shared wealth.)

Global Economic Collapse Imminent: MIT Researchers Predict Next Great Depression By 2030

TED: The Planet is Full.

They know that we are beginning to value millionaires and billionaires not by how many Dollars, Euros or Yuan they have, but how many lives they have consumed through exploitation of millions and billions of people, that they are merely a ‘cultured’ mafia whose aims are no more honourable than a street-corner pimp- Robber-Barons in expensive suits who issue death sentences from the designer desks of their penthouse offices.

graff repeat after me i am free

In the coming months and years, we will see a dramatic decline in living standards for working people, waged and unwaged, either through repressive austerity or grinding inflation, or both, unless the derivative bubble actually bursts and produces the greatest economic collapse in the history of our species, (many times worse than the collapse of Lehman Brothers) which may be ‘caused’ or accompanied by a new Great War, a war aimed at preserving the west’s weakening grip on resources and its dwindling dominance of global trade or to camouflage the failings of the real enemies of the people at home- the bankers and their allies the politicians who caused the GFC in the first place. We do not forget, nor do we forgive, and when the time comes there will be only one apocalypse that means anything- the anti-capitalist class apocalypse.





‘BASEL, Switzerland—Every two months, more than a dozen bankers meet here on Sunday evenings to talk and dine on the 18th floor of a cylindrical building looking out on the Rhine. The dinner discussions on money and economics are more than academic. At the table are the chiefs of the world’s biggest central banks, representing countries that annually produce more than $51 trillion of gross domestic product, three-quarters of the world’s economic output.

Of late, these secret talks have focused on global economic troubles and the aggressive measures by central banks to manage their national economies. Since 2007, central banks have flooded the world financial system with more than $11 trillion. Faced with weak recoveries and Europe’s churning economic problems, the effort has accelerated. The biggest central banks plan to pump billions more into government bonds, mortgages and business loans.

Their monetary strategy isn’t found in standard textbooks. The central bankers are, in effect, conducting a high-stakes experiment, drawing in part on academic work by some of the men who studied and taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970s and 1980s.

While many national governments, including the U.S., have failed to agree on fiscal policy—how best to balance tax revenues with spending during slow growth—the central bankers have forged their own path, independent of voters and politicians, bound by frequent conversations and relationships stretching back to university days.

If the central bankers are correct, they will help the world economy avoid prolonged stagnation and a repeat of central banking mistakes in the 1930s. If they are wrong, they could kindle inflation or sow the seeds of another financial crisis…’



Inside the Risky Bets of Central Banks


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New Corporate Studio Schools Mean Workfare for Children

Behold the future they have in store for the coming generations…

the void

child-labour-2Children as young as 14 are now being sent on a weekly basis to work for private companies without pay in a shocking escalation of this Government’s workfare policies.

Red Pepper magazine this week reports on the growth of the secretive Studio Schools, a little known sub-set of the Free Schools programme.  According to Red Pepper, for a bargain price of just £8000, businesses can have a tailor made school full of unpaid and low paid child workers.

Children and young people up to the age of 19 will only be offered a minimum GCSE level education and the schools will have long days and short holidays to mimic working life.

The schools will teach a basic version of the national curriculum with much of the rest of the time devoted to unpaid work.  Those between the ages of 14 to 16 will be required to work at least four…

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tory scum

Gorged Osbourne has made it very plain that the war on the working class (both waged and un-waged) will continue for another 6 years at least- and while he and his Bullingdon cronies will blame everyone, and everything, for the Depression:- the weather, the Jubilee, Europe and the Labour Party (who are to blame, but for the same reasons as the Tories), we know that its cause was the Great Financial Greed Crash of ’07-08, which in turn was created by his vile companions, the corrupt bankers – facilitated by both Tory and Labour governments, who worshipped at the altar of Thatcher  and continued her mission to de-industrialise the UK, ensuring that the sole economic driver became the unregulated Casino-City of London…Capitalism at its very ‘finest’.

We hope that people will finally wake up this act of Grand Theft, and that the outrageous ‘Bedroom Tax’ will act as a  catalyst, in much the same way as the Poll Tax did for Thatcher and give these fucking bastards the same treatment- or worse…



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