Is everybody’s sin, nobody’s sin, and everybody’s crime no crime at all?

When I hear , see, or read, the news in the UK about how appallingly the elderly, the disabled and the young are treated by the ‘care’ system here, about mass child abuse and rape in children’s homes, about the endemic corruption in government, finance, the press and the police, about the grotesque inequalities of wealth in this society and across the planet, how trade imbalances are perpetuated to the point of famine, about how this planet’s resources and environment are being squandered and despoiled, when blatant injustices, atrocities, are carried out, often commited in ‘our’ name, against wholly innocent people, when war is waged under the pretext of bringing peace…Everybody knows all of this, it is totally public knowledge, and yet…

I wonder just how innocent all of us really are…‘It’s not me, it’s them’,  ‘I voted for them but never expected them to do that’, ‘It doesn’t affect me so it’s not my problem’, ‘the news is so depressing, I never watch it’, ‘ I deserve it’, ‘I don’t care’ , ‘I elected them to take care of all that’, ‘I do as I’m told’, ‘I’m only following orders’, ‘as long as I’m alright’ …etc, etc.

I remember a friend of mine, a driver, when she moaned about how bad the traffic was, until I said ‘but you are the traffic’…


Long forgotten is the fact that we are one species on a small smudge of a finite planet, absolutely inter-related, genetically and socially- that essentially we are all brothers and sisters, (which sounds like hippy shit, but is nonetheless true) but the ‘family of man’ insists on its dysfunctionality, is proud of it, so we’ll decieve, exploit, rape, torture, con, abuse and bash each others heads in, all so that we can get a competitive edge over the ‘other’ so we can have our little material utopia in the middle of hell, and the devil take the hindmost. All the rest is mere whining.

We’re all responsible, responsible for letting the bad fuckers get away with it, for giving away our power to tiny minorities of practiced liars and greedy manipulators, who we hope will make it all better, ‘reform’ the system, that after this election, or after this enquiry, or this report, things will improve- but they never do, they just keep getting worse or staying the same, whether it is child poverty, pollution, climate change, inequality, low pay, prison, housing, landmines and countless other issues that are actually inherant in the political economy we live under and reproduce.

…and that includes me- not that I’m racked with guilt, no, I’ve done plenty to try to alleviate, or end some of the world’s ills. No, what I feel is more like disgust- for my own species, as our ‘owners’ engineer our collective moral, economic, environmental and social destruction. Will we let either them, or ourselves, ‘burn the (global) village  in order to save it’?

‘Liberty is the crime that contains all other crimes’

D.A.F de Sade




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5 responses to “Is everybody’s sin, nobody’s sin, and everybody’s crime no crime at all?

  1. Damien Engine

    Are we ignorant or wilfully ignorant? I can never decide. And is an ignorant person responsible? I know loads of people who live in their own little bubbles. Not bad people but politics just does not occur to them, ever. Not raised to be political, take no interest in news or newspapers. Fodder for fascism. If there’s ever a revolution it will only occur on the basis of the failure of the system to allow those people to live their lives. But they won’t be acting, at first, from a leftist perspective. Just a me perspective.

  2. Nobody

    The behaviourists had human behaviour and how to manipulate it sketched in around about the 1950’s, they’ve been fine tuning it ever since. The group mind and behaviour around authority figures is very standard, I don’t know that people ever stood much of a chance. Conditioned responses, Pavlov’s dogs.

    Interesting that you mention the devil in you piece. That’s where I would point the finger.

  3. scherben

    Nowt wrong with (most) hippy shit 😉

    Again, spot on. Too many people are happy for our ‘army and police’ to kill and maim, and then to glamourise it all as heroic; to worship tyrants and psychopaths; to admire to the point of excusing every crime, billionaires and celebrities, merely because they’ve achieved a material comfort that we all think we’d like; to be told we must toady to the rich; and when we don’t, that we deserve their rancour. You could easily interchange many working class people with the rich, and the behaviour would continue the same. However, not only must you support the underdog because they are the underdog (even if you can’t find another good reason), you must acknowledge your own shortcomings and always be vigilant against them (I hope I’m not coming over like a televangelist)

    ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’, and remember the words of Christian Morgenstern: To all the enslaved,
    I write it all over the heavens,
    That encompass our earthly sphere:
    Ii’s not the tyrant we should abuse,
    But the serf who works for the tyrant.

  4. Sam

    Excellent and moving summation of our condition.

    Like you, I’ve done more than my fair share of actively working to change things positively.

    That generally leads one to engaging with and offering tptb a number of constructive questions and positive suggestions.

    This gets your card marked quicker than they can say ‘Oh shit! I’ve been rumbled!’

    One then stands out, a target for all sorts of petty, defensive retribution and covert and immature dirty tricks – from those who’d far rather you went away and left their comfy sinecures and dysfunctional fiefdoms well alone.

    That threat culture still rules supreme. It’s real and the fear that most feel about actively engaging in questioning the established disorder is justified.

    There are many modern day martyrs who never wanted that role.

    What’s the answer to all this?

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