The British government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS)  has just released a report saying that the amount of people who are underemployed has increased…What do they mean by this? Well, mainly people who can’t get full time work in the current economic slump, since the ‘wealth creators’ and ‘job-providers’ only offer part-time work because it’s cheaper and the workforce more expendable, more  ‘flexible’.  In reality, what people are is under-paid, more than that I’d say there is over-employment- Who the hell ever said we should spend almost every waking hour earning a living (and profits for some lazy cunt) ? The Gregorian Calendar and the Protestant work-ethic have alot to answer for. Unemployment could be abolished at a stroke if everyone worked a shorter working week and was paid a living wage- but capital won’t allow the vast majority of working people to have any time to themselves, apart from the allotted ‘weekend’ (for ‘leisure’ and consumption), to think their own thoughts, to spend time with family, loved ones and friends, on interests and hobbies, for travel and study. No, the workforce must be exploited to the hilt, and the institution of unemployment maintained as a corrective to dissenting, dissatisfied and antagonistic workers, as Karl Marx said, as a ‘reserve army of labour’ (and it wasn’t so very long ago that people worked 14 hour days). Meanwhile overpaid senior and middle managers are free to swan off when they like, fiddle their hours (like my boss), knock-off early in time-honoured fashion…

Under-employed? Fuck off!





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  1. Tod Palin

    This is a very good post Incubus.

  2. scherben

    Another top notch post, sir; absolutely bang on, and how I’d put it if I could systemise my thoughts as well as you can. Work steals away almost your entire life, which can lead to the destruction of family unity, healthy raising of kids, and a myriad of other evils (depression, nervous collapse etc). Yet even though your life is stolen by the bosses, they harrass and whine over a few seconds that you take back with a tiny bit of skiving.

  3. Aidan

    This made me think. Work is killing me. If I go part time I’ll have less stress,drink less, smoke less, eat less junk food and enjoy more of what’s left of my life. Less cash but enough to live on – I have lived on very little in the past so I know I can do it. Thank you.

  4. John

    Move to the countryside and do whatever you are best at from your own property . Lay low , stay off the radar of government institutions and do this preferably in a south american locale.. thats my advice. Learn a foreign language. The whole damn game is rigged, everybody knows, so why play any more where the odds are so bad.

  5. Munchkin Popular Front

    Most graphs for US and UK show not much rise of worker gains in line with their productivity over recent decades.

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