…and will justify their actions on the basis that WMDs may be used. It’s OK to bomb, strafe, shoot, torture and starve your own people, but Weapons of Mass Destruction remain the exclusive preserve of the US, and their allies, Israel. Isn’t it ‘funny’ that the Pentagon can use UAV drones to ‘target’ alleged terrorists in Pakistan, regularly blowing innocent men women and children, whole families into chunks of meat, and yet they’ve never had the good sense to whack some evil little turd of a dictator, like Assad, the ex-London Optometrist and save alot of people time, trouble, effort and lives? This all feels terribly familiar...

Never mind, all those exhorbitantly priced missiles provide more economic stimulus and profits when used en-masse, let the ostentatious MIDDLE EASTERN MASS MURDER begin! Just in time for Christmas!

‘USA! USA! USA! Blood, bone and shit always makes our DAY!’




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  1. Error

    Can’t figure out – is this the old neo-con war plan that Wesley Clarke flapped about a few years ago, or something that just looks similar?

  2. Aidan

    But there’s no oil there…

  3. Aidan

    More importantly it’s about stabilising the region so we can all go back to business as usual, Syria is a hard one for the West to call as the existing regime is strongly entrenched. I tend to think the West is playing a wait and see game whilst selling arms to both sides. Should the rebels gain the upper hand the US will bomb the presidential palace faster than you can say realpolitik. If not, it will drag on for years. Meanwhile young men from Europe go to Syria to fight for the rebels and train in revolutionary warfare. They then return to life on the dole or minimum wage in the cities of Europe.
    The US is stretched militarily – they’re so desperate that they’ve been recruiting people with criminal records for some years now. We’re not talking about shoplifting or a bit of weed but violent assault, sexual assault, rape. They haven’t got the troops to occupy Syria.

    Meanwhile Egypt seems unstable and Israel just threw its toys out of the pram. I’ve no idea what’s happening in Libya.

    On that happy note I’ll finish. Your blog always makes me think. Thank you.

  4. Comontismo

    I found that in (19th December 2012):

    «On Dec. 5, the first American, Dutch and German Patriot missiles landed in Turkey.
    »Within hours, three Russian warships had put into Syria’s Tartus port – the Novocherkassk and Saratov landing craft and the MB-304 supply vessel. Aboard were 300 marines. And not only fighting men. They also delivered a fearsome weapon for Assad’s army and a game changer in the Syrian conflict: 24 Iskander 9K720 (NATO codenamed SS-26 Stone) cruise missile systems, designed for theater level conflicts.»

  5. Comontismo

    It should be noted here that 97 years ago western troops were deployed into the area.

    In 1915, the British and French allies organized the blockade of the Syrian coasts by preventing food deliveries for this region into the country, which was dependent on grain imports, the aim was to encourage the Arabs to rise against the Central Government in Istanbul, which was an ally of Germany’s Wilhelm II in the First World War. The result was an unprecedented famine: 200,000 deaths in the Centre and in the North of the Lebanon Mountains and 300,000 in the rest of Syria.

    – The new leader of the Syrian National Coalition is none other than the grand-son of one of the chief collaborators of the French occupation of Syria in the 20s.
    – The flag of the “opposition” – green, white and black with three stars – is the same as the flag from the time when Syria was under French mandate.

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