tory scum

Gorged Osbourne has made it very plain that the war on the working class (both waged and un-waged) will continue for another 6 years at least- and while he and his Bullingdon cronies will blame everyone, and everything, for the Depression:- the weather, the Jubilee, Europe and the Labour Party (who are to blame, but for the same reasons as the Tories), we know that its cause was the Great Financial Greed Crash of ’07-08, which in turn was created by his vile companions, the corrupt bankers – facilitated by both Tory and Labour governments, who worshipped at the altar of Thatcher  and continued her mission to de-industrialise the UK, ensuring that the sole economic driver became the unregulated Casino-City of London…Capitalism at its very ‘finest’.

We hope that people will finally wake up this act of Grand Theft, and that the outrageous ‘Bedroom Tax’ will act as a  catalyst, in much the same way as the Poll Tax did for Thatcher and give these fucking bastards the same treatment- or worse…




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2 responses to “STOP! THIEF!

  1. scherben

    And still the money is found for Trident, so that tens of millions can die an extremely unpleasant death; with billions more in reserve should Syria need it…

  2. Aidan

    I can’t see them spinning this out much longer. What has Britain got to sell to the world? The City? Financial services aka money laundering aka tax evasion. Switzerland was a poor country in the 19th century which discovered “banking secrecy” and got rich. Money laundering? Where do you think the money from blood diamonds goes? Tax evasion is very unfashionable these days but it’s where the (legally earned – hah!) money goes..So The City stays fat.
    There’s arms dealing of course, but as the oil rich dictatorships fall new contracts have to be negotiated and once China learns to treat members of the assorted ruling classes to unlimited credit at the top London casinos, to all the erotic fantasies they could dream of and all the drugs they can take while still signing a contract then Britain is fucked.
    Then there’s engineering contracts but again China just needs to know who to bribe.
    It’s a wicked old world to be sure.

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