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BLACK BLOC- EGYPT, TUNISIA / أسود الكتلة مصر وتونس


It has emerged that the working class youth in Egypt  have formed their own Black Bloc- to oppose the tyranny of both the remnants of the Mubarek regime in the Army  and the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood, to combat police brutality and attacks on protesters.  Calling themselves“Black Blocairo” and “Egyptian Black Bloc”   it seems they have in part grown out of the Ultras, those youth groups formerly involved in organised football violence, who have since taken the lead in resisting the power of the state after the first wave of repression against the Tahrir Square demonstrations. In Tunisia too, where the ‘Arab Spring’ began and where the revolution has, or so we are told, reached its conclusion in parliamentary democracy, the Black Bloc is also spreading as an idea… It would appear that these groups have been inspired by their comrades across Europe; Greece, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Russia and across the USA and Canada, and seem to have taken on board more than just the element of the Black Bloc as a street tactic, with expressions of an anarchist ideology in the shape of black, and black and red flags, anti-authoritarian slogans…

“Asked one of them who they are, they said we don’t talk to media but we are black bloc,” wrote ‏the British-Egyptian journalist Sarah Carr, adding that a member of the group had “mentioned anarchism.”

Since their emergence last week when they managed to firebomb the corrupt Egyptian Parliament (The Shura Council), the Black Bloc has already been subject to arrests and a barrage of propaganda from the Establishment media…Which means they are already terrifying the ruling class of Egypt, those who have kept the vast bulk of ordinary people in poverty for decades by ensuring the country has been kept underdeveloped through their theft of the national wealth, so while young Egyptians have either been forced to work for low wages, or survive on nothing, the rich have  lived the high life, funded by the interest on the loot in their Swiss bank accounts.

This is a fucking excellent development, for Egypt, North Africa, the Middle East and the world, the emergence of resistance to both the upper class puppets of the US/Israeli cunts, but also the spread of the clerical fascism of middle class, fundamentalist Islam. The Black Flag of Revolutionary Anarchism may well yet supplant the black flag of the Jihadi Fascists…’God is Great’ ?  More like ‘No God, No Masters!’



See more here-

Black Bloc Egypt Facebook Page-

الأئمة والجنرالات هي نفسها، ضد الحرية والعدالة، والديمقراطية الوحيدة الحقيقية هي الديمقراطية المباشرة! تشكيلالمجالس الشعبية، الإضراب، تحتل، ومقاومة! كسر قوة الأغنياء والغرب وإيران وإسرائيل!

الفوضى ضد الطغيان والظلم!


الأغنياء على البلاء الذي ابتلينا به!



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Last year it was revealed that major building employers had blacklisted workers who raised questions of safety and conditions. For decades some of these workers have been illegally denied work, their families have suffered great hardship. Many couldn’t get work again in the building industry…


Last week an investigation was held by the Scottish Affairs Select Committee which took evidence from blacklisted workers and those responsible for administering the blacklists. MPs investigating the secret list of blacklisted building workers heard from one of the bosses of construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine that the firm was involved in the operation, but they were not the only company, it turns out that Balfour Beatty, Crossrail, Skanska, Kier, Tarmac/Carillion, Mowlem and Trafalgar House (and others- 40 major construction companies in total, many of which are major Tory Party donors) were also involved in gathering and receiving information on workers from an organisation called The Consulting Association. It was shut down after its offices were raided in 2009 by the Office of the Information Commissioner, which served an enforcement notice under the terms of the Data Protection Act. This company had collected information on over 3000 workers during the past 20-odd years, (up until recently with the blacklist being used Crossrail, Olympics and the new Forth Road Bridge projects).

This was all done  with the collusion of the police and security services- spying on, and actively denying qualified men work on building sites- or having them sacked if they were working.  The men were targeted for their membership of trades unions, political activity, an interest in Health and Safety at work.  A selection of entries from the secret files gives you an idea:-

‘ex-shop steward, definite problems, no go’,

‘poor time-keeper, will cause trouble, strong trade union’.

union activity, aggressive individual with short fuse’,

Gone from being a normal good electrician to being squarely in the electrical union camp’

‘troublemaker is politically motivated’

A Dundee hillwalker, writer and poet Syd Scroggie, who lost his sight and his legs while serving in the armed forces, found himself on a blacklist because he wrote to the press congratulating Dundee City Council for awarding the freedom of the city to Nelson Mandela….

The companies’ bosses involved have tried to justify themselves by saying they were merely looking out for ‘criminal and irresponsible’ behaviour, but the files, and the facts, speak for themselves- it is reckoned that the industry may have to pay millions in compensation, which up to now has not been forthcoming.  It also turns out that the same company have been using the same methods on Environmental protesters, using spies, informers and other covert surveillance techniques…


According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at least 60,000 people are killed every year on construction sites. That’s around one death every 10 minutes. The industry accounts for almost one in 5 of all fatal workplace accidents. As many people are killed on construction sites throughout the world each year as die as a result of armed conflict. In the UK a worker killed every week on a building site. In effect the bosses are happy for this to happen, these men are killed because a lack the of health and safety measures on their sites, they do not want to see workers assert their rights, they don’t want to spend money on measures to protect workers, whether to fix an overflowing portaloo or to ensure men do not die from falls, crushing injuries or the multitude of other hazards on a building site (and in the UK, the lads have to provide themselves with their own safety-wear, helmets, gloves, goggles etc.).

By neglecting Health and Safety, the bosses are guilty of, at best, criminal negligence, at worst, an inhuman greed and indifference to the death, injury and suffering of those who make their money for them, but through  actively seeking to prevent worker’s claiming their rights, they are basically guilty of murder. A clear case of blatant CLASS HATRED from the bosses.  This of-course is all about conditions, and would normally be handled by trades unions, but since they would also negotiate workers pay levels the bosses, being the backward, evil Victorian bastards they are, will have none of it- no unions, no talk of safety, just ‘shut the fuck up, do your job, however unsafe, and piss off’…


It’s worth remembering the vast profits made by the construction industry, particularly in the boom years of the 80s in the light of this, but even before then the industry bosses had their knives out for organised workers, and it was only recently that the Government decided to keep documents about the 1972 building workers’ strike secret for another 10 years, saying they can’t be seen until 2021 “due to national security”. This is because in 1972 following the strike, 24 pickets were charged under an 1875 Conspiracy Act, (for supposedly using “intimidation, consisting of threatening words”). This was after two prosecution authorities and the police had interviewed 800 witnesses and couldn’t identify any wrong doers- it was bollocks basically. None the less, the Home Office demanded prosecutions. The real conspiracy was between the Tory government, the security services, building bosses and the judiciary.

It resulted in 6 Pickets being jailed from 6 months to 3 years. Des Warren, a UCATT member served 3yrs, died later from treatment meted out in jail. Ricky Tomlinson, (of TVs ‘Royle Family’ fame), was jailed for 2yrs. The defeat of the strike, the conspiracy and the prosecutions effectively broke the power of the unions in the building trade, and the illegal methods used to do so is why the files relating to the case remain censored for ‘national security reasons’.

Naturally, there are those of us who have known about the blacklists for years, and of organisations such as the Economic League, an organisation dedicated to opposing what they saw as subversion and action against free enterprise. The organisation was founded in 1919 by a group of industrialists under the name of ‘National Propaganda’. Its chief function was to promote the point of view of the capitalist bosses. They later worked with MI5 to blacklist workers who they suspected of association with certain left wing groups, ranging from the Communist Party of Great Britain to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and all trades union activity. In the early 80s many companies would check current and prospective workers  with the League to ensure that they were evil soviet spies, ‘troublemakers’ or ‘leftist agitators’…


What is interesting about all this, besides the obvious illusion of ‘Freedom’ that we all live under (because if you challenge the rich and their profit motive effectively, then the ‘democratic’ forces of the state and business will monitor and harass you in the same way as the  Gestapo, Stasi, Securitate or KGB did),  is only a freedom, if is limited to having no real effect- But the correlation between the suppression of worker’s rights and the drive to destroy any manifestation of organised resistance to capitalism, coupled with the aim to create a ‘property-owning democracy’, to socially engineer working people into believing that they were greedy middle class cunts too, interested only in themselves and their families well-being, and  to ‘fuck everyone else’, exists.

The creation of a ‘freedom’ built on the corpses of dead builders and created by the state, the rich and their secret police. To a degree this strategy has worked, though not for long, as the UK property bubble has yet to burst as violently as the ‘sub-prime’ market did in the USA- though repossessions are on the increase since the crash of 2008 when the capitalist class simply could not contain its voracious appetite for profits and its uncontrollable greed. The working class in the UK were well and truly suckered, but now the chickens are coming home to roost, just as they did with the revelations about the police cover-ups of the Hillsborough Disaster and the attack on the miners at Orgreave in the 80s, the truth is becoming known, the whistleblowers vindicated; The economic crisis, which is still in its early days, will sort the Toffs and Knobs from the Proles and Plebs soon enough…


Construction Safety Campaign

Families against Corporate Killers (FACK)


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Cops using steroids? Cops dealing in controlled substances? Mixing with criminals? Abusing their power for sexual favours, with vulnerable people? Well I never!

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham head of professional standards for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has said most forces across England and Wales were investigating coppers accused of sexual exploitation often with victims of domestic violence. Cunningham has ranked it as one of the ‘top three threats of corruption’ to the Police nationally, alongside the misuse of police computer systems and steroid abuse…It’s well known that bodybuilders and weightlifters use anabolic steroids to boost their performance and muscle bulk and that it can have serious side-effects, which has lead steroids to be criminalised as class C drugs…

What’s not so well known is the body culture within the Old Bill, being ‘pumped’ and ‘buff’ is important to coppers, with their macho ethos, and given that they are more used to using muscle on the job than brains- particularly the notorious Goon Squad, the TSG whose specialisation is dealing in ‘Public Order’. Having coppers on anabolic steroids may seem ideal to some members of the Ruling Class since prolonged use can make the user hyperactive and extremely aggressive (and more easily sexually aroused, which may in part explain the reported sexual abuse of ‘civilians’), all the more so, as the cops across the country are being royally shafted by their erstwhile champion s in the Tory-Nonce-Bent-Banker Party…

In a 2006 study of two pairs of identical twins, in which one twin used anabolic steroids and the other did not, found that in both cases the steroid-using twin exhibited high levels of aggressiveness, hostility, anxiety, and paranoid ideation not found in the “control” twin. Not really the attributes the public expects from ‘their’ Police Force, but one many people experience, with or without the steroids…especially if you fail to pass what the police call the ‘attitude test’, which may be difficult given that the police are now governed by a statistical regime that means that they are more interested in meeting the targets set by senior officers. In practice this means the crime figures are totally skewed, in that a burglary will be classified as ‘criminal damage’, a street robbery as a case of ‘lost property’ (I kid you not), then again, given the level of contempt and cynicism within the police force, being disinterested and behaving like utter bastards comes as second nature to cops in most cities, more so if you happen not to be white…


Traditionally, since the days of Empire, the ranks of the police have been filled with ex-service personnel, and entire families have, generation after generation, joined the police, carrying with them the Imperial attitudes of their military forebears.  Often choosing (or being forced by their unpopularity) to live in the ‘rurban’ areas surrounding our cities, like the Home Counties around London, (the same Tory heartlands inhabited by Black Cab drivers, EDL and UKIP types)  the police treat the inner-cities as alien, colonial environments, which might as well be the Kinshasa’s, Nairobi’s or Bombay’s of the 1890s as patrolled by their racist, arrogant great-great-grandfathers..They have an ingrained morbid fear of built-up urban environments, black people and poor working class people generally (In Victorian times they used to call poor people ‘Parish Bastards’, now it’s SNAFUs: ‘Sub-Normal And Fucking Useless’).  Is it any wonder they resort to making themselves into fascistic muscular supermen filled with ‘Roid Rage’, in the face of all the ‘otherness’ they fear and despise? There are odd exceptions to the rule of-course, the few ‘Rotten Apples’ who want to ‘make a difference’ and actually help people, but when faced with the realities of urban life, immersed in the canteen culture, the callousness and institutional racism of their colleagues, they soon come to realise that our cities are essentially meat-grinders, with people going in at one end, and coming out fucked at the other, and that the role of the Police is to keep turning the handle– after all, they swear an allegiance to the Queen which puts ‘maintaining the peace’ (meaning the social order) above enforcing the law…



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Oh deary me, it seems things can only get worse, despite a new round of media blather about ‘recovery’ and ‘green shoots of growth’, besides the appalling collapse in consumer spending, borrowing, lending, manufacturing, retail sales figures and the grotesque unemployment statistics coming out of Europe (Don’t tell me anyone actually believes that UK ‘unemployment is falling’ guff), it would seem that the capitalist game is almost up.  Who says this? Some doomsaying US website? a bunch of conspiracy theorists? rabid revolutionaries? Nah- try Tullet Prebon,  one of the largest inter-dealer money brokers in the world,  and Robert J. Gordon, an economist at Northwestern University in the US… Both seem to have come to the conclusion that growth is at an end, and as we all know, growth is the engine that gives the capitalist economy forward momentum in its alleged march towards universal prosperity, peace, freedom  and human happiness , as opposed to the metaphysically and morally bankrupt pursuit of greater profits and personal wealth at whatever human or environmental cost…Gordon is even predicting that there will be no more industrial revolutions…

So. what are we going to do now? How about a centrally planned economy on a global scale, like the Soviets tried? Hmm, I seem to recall that that didn’t work out so well, and that the Capitalist world denounced it roundly and nearly annihilated our species over the many ideological questions it raised (vital things, like how to manufacture and distribute margarine, bicycle pumps and denim jeans).  Of-course, neither system really gave a damn about the little people involved, those who made or needed stuff to live, and one system claimed to be more free than the other (well, actually both did, but neither really was)…The smart people however, described the Soviet system for what it was- a form of State Capitalism and very nasty and murderous it was too…


Perhaps this is where we’re heading, given the rampant, uncontrollable and catastrophic casino-economics of the last few decades, either that or we’re like, TOTALLY FUCKED, and the future is looking far more bleak than we can possibly imagine- The West is in virtually terminal decline, which will lead to another financial crash of epic proportions (worse than ’08) or the long drawn-out paroxysms of an economic death spiral.  The UK government faces the choice of cutting deficits with all the ‘unacceptable social consequences’ that implies (riots), printing more money (Q.E.) to cover loans, raising interest rates to avoid the (hyper)inflation caused by Q.E., with a resulting increase in mortgage repossessions, and a collapse in the housing market with an unemployment rate that goes through the roof leading to the abolition of benefits as being ‘simply unaffordable’…and don’t forget all the other crises too, like the global price of food thanks to commodity speculators, food grown for fuel and extreme weather conditions, the rising demand for energy from the newly industrialised world pushing up the price of oil and gas…


‘The entire world resembles a powder-keg in a room full of monkeys with matches. As economic conditions worsen around the world the poor, destitute and unemployed increasingly have begun to revolt against their banker masters. Money printing, reporting fraudulent economic data and pretending to make debt payments with newly issued debt does not employ anyone or put food in the mouths of the people. With worldwide unemployment surpassing 200 million, food and energy prices surging, peasants in the Far East treated like slave laborers, politicians stealing from the people to enrich their banker owners, and young people losing hope for a better tomorrow, the likelihood of strikes, protests, armed revolution, and war is high.’

‘we are at the confluence of four extremely dangerous developments which, individually or collectively, have
already started to throw more than two centuries of economic expansion into reverse. Before the financial crisis of 2008, this analysis might have seemed purely theoretical, but the banking catastrophe, and the ensuing slump, should demonstrate that the dangerous confluence described here is already underway. Indeed, more than two centuries of near-perpetual growth probably went into reverse as much as ten years ago.’

‘Doubling the standard of living took five centuries between 1300 and 1800. Doubling accelerated to one century between 1800 and 1900. Doubling peaked at a mere 28 years between 1929 and 1957 and 31 years between 1957 and 1988. But then doubling is predicted to slow back to a century again between 2007 and 2100. Of course the latter is a forecast.

In essence, Gordon is saying that there won’t be a fourth industrial revolution’

Well, I did say look away now…




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Slimey, rich bastard columnist at the Independent, Philip Henscher, wrote about his support for the new barbaric eligibility criteria for disability benefits last week ‘ Some people on disability benefits are fit to work’-

Today he whinges about the enraged responses he’s recieved (and the fact that they probably either made him choke on his ciabbata muesli or soil his Calvin Klein’s-

‘This is what I got. “People are being killed and your column helped the brutality continue”. “You fake fucking toff”. “Latte-slurping knob”. “A cunt”. “Complicit in murder”. “Twat”. “A colossal douchebag”. Insults, even libellous ones, were one thing, but gloating expressions of hope for my violent death, or threats of violence another. A reader said that he hoped I would fall off a cliff and be killed; another that I fall over and be permanently crippled. Someone said that they hoped to come to my next appearance in public and physically attack me. A blogger, who went to great lengths to insist on speaking to me, wrote: “I have bashed down better men than him.. [I] will rip you tooth and claw…he needs hitting and poking with a sharp stick.’




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I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a picture of Tracy Emin, doyen of the London Art world and tired ‘enfant terrible’ of the vacuous, Blairite, YBA marketing project,  I tend to think of halitosis or venereal warts, perhaps it’s because of her electoral support for the Tory party or her obsequious love of Royalty, maybe it’s because she CAN’T FUCKING DRAW, and all of her work is derived from neo-neo-Dadaism (obviously she didn’t listen to her history of art tutor describing how the original and subversive Dada killed art stone dead). A couple of days ago the press reported that Mein had criticised the national curriculum ‘reforms’ by the frighteningly creepy Education Minister, Michael Gove- cutting the humanities in favour of more edifying subjects such as shelf-stacking , forelock-tugging, tax-dodging, striving and bigotry).


Emin was quoted as saying – “If anyone thought the riots in 2011 were bad, take the arts out of the curriculum and it will be worse than it was before.” Her ludicrous suggestion that the nation’s youth would burn down Tory Toy Town again for the want of the ‘creative outlet’ in the form of poster paint, coloured tissue paper and pastels, rather than the vicious measures undertaken by her chums, Dave and George in their intensified campaign of class warfare, which has meant children are turning up to school hungry, not for ‘art’ but for actual food. Her comment was representative of a middle class completely divorced from the realities endured by the rest of us; a class are more interested in fighting their own corner of privileged interests, protecting their sector of the economy regardless of political allegiances to left or right, whilst wrapped up in a comfortable bubble of wealth. I did hear that Emin had more humble beginnings, but so what?  she and the rest of the arty middle classes rapidly forget their social conscience’s when they see their own little world even slightly threatened, whether by government policies or an outburst of ‘living art’ in the form of a renewed proletarian uprising, one that pushes its way into the gentrified enclaves of working class areas -a ‘creative outlet’ if ever there was one.  Emin, doubtless a millionaire, (and a legal tax-skiver to boot )who deigns to patronise working class children and young adults from the lofty heights of the wanky art world and honorary degrees for no-talent scrawls, should do us all a favour and shut the fuck up.


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Bloomberg the financial website has kindly produced a guide to track billionaires around the world- these are the very same people, sorry, vampires, who’s absurd personal wealth could help the vast bulk of humanity, but who frankly wouldn’t give the shit out of their arses to the poor (unless it was tax-refundable), and would just die for the want of gold bath taps, vintage wines, handmade shoes, $5ooo a night hookers, fleets of cars and houses around the world etc. etc. etc. See what the global charity Oxfam had to say about structural economic effects their obscene greed has here-

Annnnyway, amuse yourselves with this, especially the app for seeing who is ‘self made’ or ‘hereditarily’ rich.

Here be monsters:-


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This is exactly what 1000 workers have done at the Shanghai Shinmei Electric plant in China, having been told they have just two minutes to answer any call of nature and that they would bel be fined 50 yuan ($8) if they are late once and fired if they are late twice…Naturally, this didn’t go down too well, so they held their Japanese and Chinese bosses hostage for a day and a half until the bosses agreed to reconsider the rules…

300 riot police were brought in to enforce management’s desire to eliminate the all too human need to take a piss or shit from the production process.  The bosses agreed Doubtless some faceless and inhuman bureaucrat worked hard on a ‘time and motion’ study and concluded that the workers ‘motions’ were literally eating into the company’s profits…It’s a shame the workers didn’t torch the factory, as happened during the recent China/Japan dispute over resource rich island territory in the South China Sea, where nationalism dictated the destruction of Japanese owned factories.  Still, workers need to make a living, and fought bravely for their right to give a shit, though not for their Chinese and Japanese bosses who are evidently united in their greed and contempt for working class people…


(Workers barracks in China, complete with ‘suicide nets’)



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Oh dear. Oxfam, the international famine relief charity has stated, in advance of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, that the world’s richest 100 people earned enough last year to end extreme poverty for the world’s poorest people four times over…Barbara Stocking, Oxfam’s chief executive said “We can no longer pretend the creation of wealth for a few will inevitably benefit the many – too often the reverse is true. Concentration of resources in the hands of the top 1% depresses economic activity and makes life harder for everyone else – particularly those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”

Well, whaddya know!? Not that Oxfam’s highly contorversial and political satement will make any difference whatsoever, because the rich want to keep things as they are, surprise, surprise…and frankly they don’t give a fuck for the rest of us. After all, why would they want to hand back the wealth they have so assiduously exploited, swindled, robbed and fiddled from us? Not bloody likely! Oxfam failed to mention of-course that the system is inherantly unjust and only exists to create the above outcomes, still, perhaps one day they will no longer ‘pretend‘ this is not the case…

No, at the end of the day, the challenge remains to take it back, they know this full well, and happily surround themselves with hired thugs and expensive weapons to ensure that this doesn’t happen (hell, they’ve even made a business out of baby-killing technologies). The trouble is, this won’t last. One way or another, they’re cruising for the bruising they so fully deserve…Image





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Ned Kelly, the Australian folk hero, -famous for his revolutionary homemade suit of armour- who was hanged in 1880 for killing three cops and whose remains had lain in a mass grave until two years ago was laid to rest by his family and well wishers last friday…


Kelly’s happy hatred of the police was given full expression in his ‘Jerilderie Letter’ (written to put his side of the story to the press and public), where he outlined cases of police corruption and called on corrupt policemen to resign. In his letter, he called police officers ‘a parcel of big ugly fat-necked wombat headed big bellied magpie legged narrow hipped splaw-footed sons of Irish Bailiffs or english landlords’…

Nice one Ned!


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This is where years of deference to Royalty, faith in the Labour Party (or any of the Parliamentary Tarts in our corrupt ‘Democracy’), fascile flag-waiving, football-hyped patriotism will get you, this is where we are headed, in a return to the past, while the hand-wringing middle class columnists in the liberal media suddenly discover that their bleeding hearts have clotted, clotted at the thought of THEIR wealth going towards the ‘Pleb’s. the ‘Chavs’, the ‘Feral Rats’, the ‘scroungers’, the ‘idle and inefficient’ Public Sector workers, their social conscience no longer bothers them when the thought of cutting back on the cleaner, the nanny or the private school fees makes them recoil in a fit of disgust for ‘those people’- the same people who make the fucking country run, the same people who have lined the designer pockets of the rich in the first place. It’s all come to nothing, the ‘striver’s paradise’ has died on its arse, leaving us back where we started: as the ‘ungrateful poor’…The collective spasms of an orgy of greed, of property speculation, union-bashing, cheap credit and cheap chardonnay has finished with crusty cum-stains on the banker’s silk sheets.


The future beckons; enforced unpaid labour for your dole thanks to Workfare, homelessness and overcrowding thanks to the Shared Accommodation Rate, repossessions thanks to falling wages, business failures,and rising prices, the new private slums of shared accomodation, an economy based on low-paid, part-time work, child prostitution, bed-bugs and cockroaches, piss-stinking estates, filthy hospitals, overcrowded prisons and mental health units, arbitrary sackings and workplace abuse and harassment.  A future of cap-doffing, arse-licking, of constant surveillance at work, on the dole and online, of brutal and too often murderous policing, of restricted, repressed protest, of demeaning, occasional one-day strikes, the empty gestures of a trade unionism long-since co-opted by power and greed. The Labour Party only exists as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, it does not represent the interests of working class people and it never will- In fact it might as well not exist at all.

In short, they want to grind our faces into the shit-filled gutter until we squeal like stuck pigs.

-But only if we let them…

“In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”

–  John Steinbeck






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Across the world an epidemic of cancers and lesions is growing- Microwaves, ELF waves,carbon soot,  a swirling fog of electrical emissions, the penetration of UV rays through the thinning ozone layer…

Semipalatinsk N test siteuranium and plutonium fallout from five decades of nuclear weapons testing on the ground, in the sea, the air and in the upper atmosphere…


formaldehyde in almost every product, air pollution from industry, urban particulants, untold hidden and known accidents at nuclear power stations, thousands of insidious poisons used in manufacturing…


fracking, oil spills and chemical leaks, the extraction of rare metals, undegradeable plastic waste and hazardous effluents…


the recycling of computer components, the invisible fumes from cars (higher inside most vehicles than out of them), artificial food additives, steroids in dairy cattle and meat products…


pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, high-frequency radio-transmitters,


high-voltage powerlines, human oestrogen in seafish, airliner exhausts, coal-dust, fouled water-tables…


Why is it that kids, cats, dogs, and even fish, are now getting cancer, quite often rare types at that?


Is it because industry is belching out so much toxic shit that the global environment itself has become carcinogenic?


Is it because they refuse to use alternatives, like the automobile industry, when it resisted the introduction of lead-free petrol on the basis of cost? Must everything be sacrificed at the altar of the plastic gods of profit and power? –Ecocide will only be ‘proven’ when it is too late, when all that is left is a magnificent desolation.





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