Fuck advertising, fuck marketing, fuck focus groups, fuck Gallop Polls, fuck targeted marketing, fuck the endless procession of exhortations to have perfect white teeth, to drive the most ecological car, to have the very best of everything always, fuck fashionable glasses, fuck online gambling, fuck sofas, fuck more TV, fuck payday loans, fuck holidays, fuck employment agencies, fuck sanitary towels, fuck cheese, fuck dieting, fuck chocolate, fuck dating agencies, fuck new films, fuck new gadgets, fuck the promotion of ‘fun’ as a product, fuck the incessant mind-rotting, infantilising parade of cartoon characters, puppets and grown men and women behaving like fools, fuck the TV , billboard, press and internet adverts, fuck this computer, fuck artificial demand and fuck false choice, fuck your photo-shopped eternal beauty and youth,


fuck your penis-swelling, breast-enhancing, status-anxiety-inducing, mind-hate-fucks, fuck your product-placement, fuck the golden glow of having ‘the best headphones ever’, manufactured by some poor cunt of an industrialised peasant in China, fuck your sweatshop trainers and your cheap cotton goods, fuck your pornographic plastic food, fuck your viral campaigns, fuck your packaging, fuck your concepts, fuck your social engineering, fuck your Crowd manipulation theory, fuck your aim to create shallow, vapid, slack-jawed, debt-burdened morons, fuck the sea of shit offered up as living a life, fuck the dumbed-down sunlit uplands of your consumer paradise and the incessant artificial vomit constantly forced onto, and into us, fuck being violated with your psychological foreign objects, and fuck your ‘fiscal consolidation’ to make us into low-paid, credit addicted, passive consumers . Fuck your government and fuck your corporations.







Filed under Politics

6 responses to “FUCK YOUR UTOPIA!

  1. Roger G

    One word – BRILLIANT !!!!

  2. Aidan

    Fucking good rant,

  3. Frank Psychosis

    Fucking great rant…fucking fuck them….why cheese though?

  4. yan tree

    fuck the fuckers fucking up fucking fucker fuckitty fuckwit!!!!
    shades of Blue Velvet – but never truer words spoken/written
    i feel like this every fucking day…EVERY FUCKING DAY!

  5. scherben

    I know it’s from Banksy (though is he responsible for the bullshit machine in his name?), but: http://imgs.abduzeedo.com/files/best_week/i_banksyad1.jpg

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