I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a picture of Tracy Emin, doyen of the London Art world and tired ‘enfant terrible’ of the vacuous, Blairite, YBA marketing project,  I tend to think of halitosis or venereal warts, perhaps it’s because of her electoral support for the Tory party or her obsequious love of Royalty, maybe it’s because she CAN’T FUCKING DRAW, and all of her work is derived from neo-neo-Dadaism (obviously she didn’t listen to her history of art tutor describing how the original and subversive Dada killed art stone dead). A couple of days ago the press reported that Mein had criticised the national curriculum ‘reforms’ by the frighteningly creepy Education Minister, Michael Gove- cutting the humanities in favour of more edifying subjects such as shelf-stacking , forelock-tugging, tax-dodging, striving and bigotry).


Emin was quoted as saying – “If anyone thought the riots in 2011 were bad, take the arts out of the curriculum and it will be worse than it was before.” Her ludicrous suggestion that the nation’s youth would burn down Tory Toy Town again for the want of the ‘creative outlet’ in the form of poster paint, coloured tissue paper and pastels, rather than the vicious measures undertaken by her chums, Dave and George in their intensified campaign of class warfare, which has meant children are turning up to school hungry, not for ‘art’ but for actual food. Her comment was representative of a middle class completely divorced from the realities endured by the rest of us; a class are more interested in fighting their own corner of privileged interests, protecting their sector of the economy regardless of political allegiances to left or right, whilst wrapped up in a comfortable bubble of wealth. I did hear that Emin had more humble beginnings, but so what?  she and the rest of the arty middle classes rapidly forget their social conscience’s when they see their own little world even slightly threatened, whether by government policies or an outburst of ‘living art’ in the form of a renewed proletarian uprising, one that pushes its way into the gentrified enclaves of working class areas -a ‘creative outlet’ if ever there was one.  Emin, doubtless a millionaire, (and a legal tax-skiver to boot )who deigns to patronise working class children and young adults from the lofty heights of the wanky art world and honorary degrees for no-talent scrawls, should do us all a favour and shut the fuck up.



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