Cops using steroids? Cops dealing in controlled substances? Mixing with criminals? Abusing their power for sexual favours, with vulnerable people? Well I never!

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham head of professional standards for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has said most forces across England and Wales were investigating coppers accused of sexual exploitation often with victims of domestic violence. Cunningham has ranked it as one of the ‘top three threats of corruption’ to the Police nationally, alongside the misuse of police computer systems and steroid abuse…It’s well known that bodybuilders and weightlifters use anabolic steroids to boost their performance and muscle bulk and that it can have serious side-effects, which has lead steroids to be criminalised as class C drugs…

What’s not so well known is the body culture within the Old Bill, being ‘pumped’ and ‘buff’ is important to coppers, with their macho ethos, and given that they are more used to using muscle on the job than brains- particularly the notorious Goon Squad, the TSG whose specialisation is dealing in ‘Public Order’. Having coppers on anabolic steroids may seem ideal to some members of the Ruling Class since prolonged use can make the user hyperactive and extremely aggressive (and more easily sexually aroused, which may in part explain the reported sexual abuse of ‘civilians’), all the more so, as the cops across the country are being royally shafted by their erstwhile champion s in the Tory-Nonce-Bent-Banker Party…

In a 2006 study of two pairs of identical twins, in which one twin used anabolic steroids and the other did not, found that in both cases the steroid-using twin exhibited high levels of aggressiveness, hostility, anxiety, and paranoid ideation not found in the “control” twin. Not really the attributes the public expects from ‘their’ Police Force, but one many people experience, with or without the steroids…especially if you fail to pass what the police call the ‘attitude test’, which may be difficult given that the police are now governed by a statistical regime that means that they are more interested in meeting the targets set by senior officers. In practice this means the crime figures are totally skewed, in that a burglary will be classified as ‘criminal damage’, a street robbery as a case of ‘lost property’ (I kid you not), then again, given the level of contempt and cynicism within the police force, being disinterested and behaving like utter bastards comes as second nature to cops in most cities, more so if you happen not to be white…


Traditionally, since the days of Empire, the ranks of the police have been filled with ex-service personnel, and entire families have, generation after generation, joined the police, carrying with them the Imperial attitudes of their military forebears.  Often choosing (or being forced by their unpopularity) to live in the ‘rurban’ areas surrounding our cities, like the Home Counties around London, (the same Tory heartlands inhabited by Black Cab drivers, EDL and UKIP types)  the police treat the inner-cities as alien, colonial environments, which might as well be the Kinshasa’s, Nairobi’s or Bombay’s of the 1890s as patrolled by their racist, arrogant great-great-grandfathers..They have an ingrained morbid fear of built-up urban environments, black people and poor working class people generally (In Victorian times they used to call poor people ‘Parish Bastards’, now it’s SNAFUs: ‘Sub-Normal And Fucking Useless’).  Is it any wonder they resort to making themselves into fascistic muscular supermen filled with ‘Roid Rage’, in the face of all the ‘otherness’ they fear and despise? There are odd exceptions to the rule of-course, the few ‘Rotten Apples’ who want to ‘make a difference’ and actually help people, but when faced with the realities of urban life, immersed in the canteen culture, the callousness and institutional racism of their colleagues, they soon come to realise that our cities are essentially meat-grinders, with people going in at one end, and coming out fucked at the other, and that the role of the Police is to keep turning the handle– after all, they swear an allegiance to the Queen which puts ‘maintaining the peace’ (meaning the social order) above enforcing the law…






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