BLACK BLOC- EGYPT, TUNISIA / أسود الكتلة مصر وتونس


It has emerged that the working class youth in Egypt  have formed their own Black Bloc- to oppose the tyranny of both the remnants of the Mubarek regime in the Army  and the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood, to combat police brutality and attacks on protesters.  Calling themselves“Black Blocairo” and “Egyptian Black Bloc”   it seems they have in part grown out of the Ultras, those youth groups formerly involved in organised football violence, who have since taken the lead in resisting the power of the state after the first wave of repression against the Tahrir Square demonstrations. In Tunisia too, where the ‘Arab Spring’ began and where the revolution has, or so we are told, reached its conclusion in parliamentary democracy, the Black Bloc is also spreading as an idea… It would appear that these groups have been inspired by their comrades across Europe; Greece, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Russia and across the USA and Canada, and seem to have taken on board more than just the element of the Black Bloc as a street tactic, with expressions of an anarchist ideology in the shape of black, and black and red flags, anti-authoritarian slogans…

“Asked one of them who they are, they said we don’t talk to media but we are black bloc,” wrote ‏the British-Egyptian journalist Sarah Carr, adding that a member of the group had “mentioned anarchism.”

Since their emergence last week when they managed to firebomb the corrupt Egyptian Parliament (The Shura Council), the Black Bloc has already been subject to arrests and a barrage of propaganda from the Establishment media…Which means they are already terrifying the ruling class of Egypt, those who have kept the vast bulk of ordinary people in poverty for decades by ensuring the country has been kept underdeveloped through their theft of the national wealth, so while young Egyptians have either been forced to work for low wages, or survive on nothing, the rich have  lived the high life, funded by the interest on the loot in their Swiss bank accounts.

This is a fucking excellent development, for Egypt, North Africa, the Middle East and the world, the emergence of resistance to both the upper class puppets of the US/Israeli cunts, but also the spread of the clerical fascism of middle class, fundamentalist Islam. The Black Flag of Revolutionary Anarchism may well yet supplant the black flag of the Jihadi Fascists…’God is Great’ ?  More like ‘No God, No Masters!’



See more here-

Black Bloc Egypt Facebook Page-

الأئمة والجنرالات هي نفسها، ضد الحرية والعدالة، والديمقراطية الوحيدة الحقيقية هي الديمقراطية المباشرة! تشكيلالمجالس الشعبية، الإضراب، تحتل، ومقاومة! كسر قوة الأغنياء والغرب وإيران وإسرائيل!

الفوضى ضد الطغيان والظلم!


الأغنياء على البلاء الذي ابتلينا به!



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