PARIS IN THE SPRING- (Hollande est un con!)

We are the power.

We are the power.

Oh dear, seems the ‘recovery’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….in France, where the finance minister recently blurted out on a live radio programme that the country was, in fact, bankrupt, it seems the government is fretting about the class war taking a nasty turn, so like the State in the UK has set their guard-cops to spy on workers… A memo to that effect, dated January 30 has been leaked, sent to regional directors of the police intelligence service, emphasising “the risks of incidents” or possible “threats to production equipment in case of radicalization of the conflict.” The ‘socialist’ Hollande government has instructed its police intelligence service to gather information on autonomous worker’s movements and to follow faltering companies “very closely” in order to anticipate a possible “radicalization” of working class unrest. Interior Minister Manuel Valls has spoken of “Social anger”—meaning, the anger of workers—“as a consequence of the financial and economic crisis, job insecurity, unemployment, and layoffs is here and has been rumbling for years,” … “But what we’re seeing today are less social movements but social implosions or explosions.” He went on to say that “You have to carefully analyze it,” and “We have to try to understand the reasons that push men and women into desperation,” he said. “Men and women who are in the process of losing their jobs.”. What about the ‘vandalism’ and destruction of production equipment often associated with these evidently non-union controlled movements? “We have to try to understand them, but we cannot permit them,” (now there’s a surprise, but fucking patronising all the same).

Bernard Thibault, Secretary General of one of the largest French unions, the socialist CGT responded by saying that the stationing of plainclothes police in unmarked cars at workplaces subject to worker dissent was a ‘provocation’, though no doubt he was concerned that the union’s traditional monopoly on policing the working class anger was being undermined…Meanwhile with unemployment rocketing, despite the usual government massaging of statistics, it looks like the banlieu, the districts of barrack-like housing estates confined to the edges of most French towns and cities, may be set to explode in the coming year as cuts to the social wage gather pace.

France, urban revolt, 2005

France, urban revolt, 2005

The rich in France are eyeing their working class as nervously as they are in the UK, where spying on workers, waged and unwaged, and infiltrating protest movements has become increasingly normalised, accompanied with the usual rhetoric about fighting for ‘freedom and democracy’ in wars aimed at securing resources for a dying Western economy… In the UK, the government is set to impose the ridiculous and punitive ‘Bedroom Tax’ on social housing tenants, with annihilating cuts to Housing Benefits, while at the same time giving massive taxation breaks to the wealthy, the tax-skivers of the ruling classes, the rich.


I’m quite certain that the spontaneous creativity of French workers will outwit the stupid fat cops slouching in their unmarked cars, and that their ‘social anger’ will eventually be equally matched in the UK, because there is  only so much people can take…

contre le capitalisme, contre l’austérité. Hollande est un con!



Source:- ‘Le gouvernement s’inquiète des risques d’explosion sociale’



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2 responses to “PARIS IN THE SPRING- (Hollande est un con!)

  1. Ah the smell of cheap beer and merguez stalls; as soon as you see the stalls and ice buckets out on the streets you know its going to kick off. There is no better political barometer than the appearance of street fighting food.

  2. Eunus, Delenda & Comontismo

    – Hollande est pire qu’un con ! Nous trouvons que c’est vraiment trop doux pour un qualificatif. Nous dirions : pourriture, crapule, salope, encule …
    – La CGT n’est pas du tout socialiste ! (C’est la CFDT qui l’est). Jusque tres recemment elle etait sous le controle du PC, Puis apres la chute du mur de Berlin beaucoup de gauchistes l’on rejointe.
    – “contre l’austerite” ? Nous, nous luttons contre le systeme d’exploitation en entier, dans sa totalite.
    -You completely mistaken : those stalls (owned usually by north Africans immigrants) appear only during the officials events or the demonstrations organized by the bureaucratic machinery… By the way, in food subject even the rioters (“les casseurs”) are less miserabilist and more exigent than the anglo-saxons!!!

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