You might think that the scandalous story about horse flesh being passed off as beef by meat suppliers, distributors and supermarkets in the UK and elsewhere, is merely another tale of unscrupulous capitalist exploitation and swindling practices .  Well, it is and it’s not- Given the horrendous amount of money creation (or printing) that’s going on in the  effort to make good the insolvency of the financial system, fight the global currency war to devalue units of exchange in the ‘race to the bottom’ and as a means to levy a tax on working class people- there is an inherent risk of fuelling inflation, even creating a global hyperinflationary situation . Across the world inflation figures are being fiddled on an industrial scale. Where a manufacturer declines to raise prices so as to not affect sales, they reduce the quality or the quantity of their product- In the US, soft drink cans have been shrunk in size whereas the price has stayed the same, while in the UK biggest breweries have cut the alcohol content in beer at the same cost to the consumer, and their profits are maintained.  So why not con consumers and serve up cheap horsemeat at the same price,  instead of expensive beef? (Surprisingly McDonalds and other fast-food shovellers are disturbingly quiet on whether they have tested any of their meat supply for Horse flesh)


In Argentina, still recovering from the crisis of 2001/2, the government has imposed emergency price controls on all retail outlets and are now in the process of banning all commercial newspaper adverts in an effort to contain price rises and reduce demand.  The price freeze will inevitably lead to shortages of goods and panic buying to avoid higher prices when this short-term measure of desperation ends-the government estimates inflation at 10%, where the reality is more like 29-30%….


Venezuela has just devalued its currency by 49% in an attempt to kick-start its economy, where Belarus did the same thing in May 2011, they experienced rocketing hyperinflation, its people are forced to shop with bags of devalued Belarusian notes- they too were forced to impose price controls…but then Belarus is already a dictatorship isn’t it…


Of-course, mention ‘hyperinflation’ and naturally minds turn to the situation in Weimar Germany in the 1920s, the effects of which were disastrous for both Europe and the World, leading to revolt and ultimately dictatorship and global war, and a rising demand for horse meat-

‘Frau Eisenmenger wrote, “the large numbers of unemployed, their passions fermented by the Communists, are seething with discontent … a mob has attempted to set the Parliament building on fire. Mounted policemen were torn from their horses, which were slaughtered in the Ringstrasse and the warm bleeding flesh dragged away by the crowd … the rioters clamoured for bread and work”

(‘When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse’ by Adam Fergusson)



These days the corporations happily supply horse flesh in cheap, un-nutritious but profitable ‘ready-meals’, (-until they get caught at it) saving us all the trouble of killing and eating police horses … Food adulteration is but one of the secret symptoms of the growing crisis, the more visible effects of it are harder to miss- when you can turn on the TV and see rioting, you can never be quite sure which nation it is- Egypt? Italy? Argentina? China? Pakistan? Tunisia? Russia? The USA? South Africa? UK? France? Spain? Haiti? Bangladesh?



While the ‘Markets’ seem to be thriving and ‘Bull’ the fact is the underlying state of the real global economy is barely keeping its head above water, with ever-rising unemployment rates and prices (In Birmingham, UK, single homelessness has increased 400% in one month).  Austerity and the collapse of consumer confidence coupled with yet another bubble in the stock and property markets are pointing only one way- Towards another great financial crash. We are entering the terminal phase of Global Capitalism 1.0:- there will be no ‘Version 2.0’- Governments are increasingly stepping in to either reinforce the ‘socialism of the rich’ or to intervene in the free market through regulation or Central Bank funding in an effort to prop up the system. The massive money printing, increase in prices through the back door, massaged statistics for inflation and unemployment cannot mask the very real price hikes in food, energy, rents and services, the loss of jobs and the fall in real incomes. We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, and once it completely bursts there will be no going back to how things were before.

Long term, the state is becoming unsupportable, unable to subsidise the human casualties of the commodity society by its refusal to tax the rich. Business too is meeting its end-point as new technologies in industrial production feed the logic of capitalism, ensurings fewer jobs, falling profits and the death of consumption. The ‘Boil-the-Frog-Slowly’ strategy cannot last forever, and like the last Great Depression, the global rich will try to resort to a global war, and they are already lining up the suitable starter scenarios  by the dozen- China/Japan, India/Pakistan, Israel/Syria, USA/Iran, Turkey/Syria, NATO/North Africa…In their pursuit of profit, the international elite, the bourgeoisie, will stop at nothing to satisfy their greed, even to the point of gambling with life on Earth itself.  The Lying, Thieving Bastards are happy to sacrifice more than a few horses to maintain their grip on humanity.  There will be no new labour-intensive technological revolutions, there will only be technological revolutions that  remove the need for human labour. Just as profit margins approach zero in a world of over-capacity and over-supply, so too does the the value of most labour decline. Either the rich cull off a proportion of ‘surplus’ humanity through war, reduce us to absolute poverty or engineer some kind of new model of labour-intensive feudalism…and it comes as no surprise that we are now witnessing the growth, no matter how small, of autonomous revolutionary movements in parts of the world once thought to be immune to such ideas, because as things stand, people are becoming more and more dispossessed of their illusions about authority, government, democracy, ‘growth’ and ‘opportunity’, and unwilling to submit to the base greed of a tiny fraction of our species.


Increasingly it looks as if the future belongs to the great mass of the exploited, the workers, the unwaged- the proletariat- Why? because there is no longer any alternative, because the system is dying, because necessity demands it.




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