-Well lots of people do, they want to achieve that utopian dream of never having to work again, of never having to want for anything, yes, they buy into the central ideal of late capitalist society, the legacy of the mythical ‘American Dream’, the one that sustains lotteries and casinos across the world, and also some extremely anti-social behaviour. I live in London, and I’ve met those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ambitious assholes that come here, hoping to make their fortune, legally or illegally, and they don’t care how they go about it, or who they hurt, they are happy to sacrifice what little humanity they had in order to accumulate material shit, to make themselves more secure than their neighbours, often at their expense. I expect it’s the same in every capital and regional city, in fact I know it is- invariably these people make living in these urban centres more difficult, more miserable than it already is, burdened as we are with a wealthy ruling class that wouldn’t give you shit out of their arses, who stitch up the system in their own favour and only let a very, very few slither up the greasy pole of self-advancement.

Quite often these ambitious types soon realise, that rather than being paved with gold, the city’s streets are paved with pigeon shit and kebab fat, so they come to terms with reality, eat some humble pie, learn a few lessons…that the ‘Get rich quick’ books, the ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People‘ bollocks doesn’t really work unless you’re a total and utter scumbag…


Look at this chart, it’s pitiful.  Chasing the dream would be fine if we all lived to about 200 or so, and totally succumbed to the idea that we should all identify with our exploiters, the lazy, lying, thieving bastard bosses, the plastic pop stars and feckless footballers- to compete with each other for ‘a place at the top’, provided there was already room for all of those who wanted to get there- but there isn’t, and the dream is a mirage. See how Barclays Bank has binned 1,800 investment banking  and 1,900 in retail and business jobs while the bank still made £294million- That’s 3,700 people marked down as being dispensible in the cause of profit, and you can bet that many of them believed in the illusion of soaring wealth and success- but now they’re fucked.  Fucked by the  illusion that keeps people from co-operating, from treating each other as human beings rather than merely vehicles for ruthless ambition and the shallowness of belief that having ‘more’ is ‘being’ more.




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  1. ethel u plumb

    I love you whoever you are, thanks for brilliance and spirit of London

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