Since when did HATRED go out of fashion as a legitimate human feeling?  Perhaps it fell into neglect since the fear of being ‘judgemental’ came about, when the moral adjective changed from being ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ to being ‘inappropriate’ or ‘unacceptable’, or because of the understandable disgust with the irrational hatred of racists, homophobes and sexists. In all likelihood it stems from the liberal parental desire to imbue children with moral and social values, ethics and judgment, without… implying judgment!


But hatred and the negative judgement of others has also served a purpose throughout history, and served humanity well.  Without the hatred of slavery, it would never have been abolished, without the hatred of child labour it would still exist, without the hatred of aristocratic absolutism we would not even have the limited democratic rights we have now, without hatred Fascism would not have been defeated…and this hatred was also born of a love for equality, justice and freedom- yet ‘love’ itself has been perverted to spawn a million injustices, love of the nation, the ‘family’, of countless chimerical gods, of ideology, all of which have had atrocities carried out in it’s name.

Hate jesus-gun

This new craven, cowardly, morality that insists on not sitting in judgement of injustice and oppression, merely allows them to flourish.  This new technical, clinical, language of cowardice and evasion masks the crimes of power and deadens people’s reactions to it, softening any legitimate emotional response.  Who cannot fail to have HATRED for the elite paedophiles, both living and dead and currently evading any sort of justice, who cannot fail to HATE the gluttonous bankers who have essentially asset-stripped the world, throwing millions into poverty, ill-health and insecurity? Who cannot HATE the blatant class-based offensive of the rich against the poor and the working people? Who cannot HATE the smirking politicians who mercilessly attack the well-being of the most vulnerable in society; disabled people, children and the elderly? Who cannot fail to have HATRED for the cops that kill suspects in custody with apparently no consequences? Why is it now ‘inappropriate’ to find these things ‘unacceptable’ and yet to not express your feelings about it? Is it because ANGER is a primal energy and that HATRED is a great motivator?


We have been socially-engineered into swallowing the sheer hubris of the rich (In ancient Greece, hubris referred to actions that shamed and humiliated the victim for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser), the smug bankers and their lapdogs, the politicians of all stripes, are laughing at us when they issue their public ‘apologies’ for their countless scandals.  More often than not they say it was ‘regrettable that..’ safe in the knowledge that nobody, from the press down will really vent their anger and say what they really feel- all supposedly to uphold ‘civilised’, ‘non-judgemental ‘, values while they impoverish  thousands at a key-stroke, greasing  their palms with the blood of children. Their ‘regret’ is always a sham, a PR ploy, an empty, abstract, gesture, a show of meaningless contrition that leaves the bastards untouched, legally, financially, materially, morally and in terms of their social status. What is our response? The timid and the docile phrases of passive compliance and meek acceptance, because, so we are told, HATRED is an ‘ugly emotion’, even when injustice is far uglier and far more hateful, especially when it is the product of a contemptuous indifference.


I say we reclaim HATRED.  I say it’s time to rightfully reclaim our passionate, powerful, feelings about the society we live in, about what is just ‘plain wrong’, criminal, destructive and unjust. In future the only way to change society will be to express ourselves, and do so through HATRED with a vengeance, and HATRED alone, because those that rule us, rob us, rape us and fool us, will understand no other language. The alternative is to bow our heads and mumble those pitifully humble and mild words, ‘inappropriate’ and ’unacceptable’, rather than call them out for what they truly are; filthy pimps, bastards, cunts and thieves.





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  1. Geoff

    I don’t know mate, i think hatred is a bit strong, but anger – yeah, that’s a natural, spontaneous feeling as legitimate as any other.

    • I think anger can be diffused or undermined; it can be manipulated for the use of other things as it rarely has focus. Hatred on the other hand is specific; it is concentrated on the direct cause of your anger and therefore can be used as a driving force.

  2. i like your passion but watch out with like jelousy is a toxic must be tempered with love compassion and empathy.but if not love why are we anarchists.i get your point ,but hatred should never be held in your heart and quickly discarded when spent.

  3. cantankerous

    I agree anger is not enough, it dissipates too easily. Nothing will change until people in sufficient numbers become so uncomfortable they feel compelled to act.
    Judgement is alive and well when directed at single mothers/ families with many children on benefits in social housing but not when assessing the chief executive of the NHS who oversaw such cruelty and neglect in Stafford Hospital leading to hundreds of deaths.
    Judgement and ridicule of those with learning difficulties/mental health issues has become a national sport thanks to Cowell and his X factor/Britain’s got talent stranglehold on tv schedules, which is served up as family entertainment.

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