‘Created by researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo, the WR-3 ratbot is essentially an attack robot that bullies rats into a more realistic, human-like state of depression. The WR-3 is programmed with three kinds of bullying: chasing, continuous attacking, and interactive attacking. Chasing is exactly what it sounds like — WR-3 tries to stay close to the rat, but never attacks it. Continuous attacking is where WR-3 continually rams the rat. With interactive attacking, WR-3 attacks the rat for five seconds whenever it moves — and then stops. The Japanese researchers found that the most effective way of instilling depression is to continuously attack young rats, and then use interactive attacks when they get older.’




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4 responses to “SOUNDS LIKE A DAY AT WORK…

  1. scherben

    Why in the name of Jesus would anyone want to be so cruel? This fucking species…

  2. john carey

    If you have the pleasure of working at Tesco`s or Amazon (some branches, but coming to a store by you very soon!) you are now electronically monitored to see if you are working to `company speed` – would this make you depressed if you where working there?

  3. Geoff

    Rather than deal with the real causes of depression under industrialised, atomised, alienated capitalism, they’d rather torment living creatures in labs, in the pretence that they will find a cure that way. The only real objective of these vivisectors (apart from some who may be actual sadists) is to get their funding renewed.

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