…last month.

At least, according to the Western media, who failed to cover it in any meaningful way, in yet another fine example of ‘news management’-

‘Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia, and protesters demand for Bulgaria to leave the EU’

‘Massive riots have been going in Bulgaria in the last couple of days. The biggest ones that the country has seen in the last 20 years. More than 300 thousand people went out and protested against the ongoing stealing by the bankers and the electricity companies /CEZ, EON and EVN/, piling pressure on the government after a week of persistent demonstrations….’


…’There have been some clashes with the riot police, but in the city of Varna something unprecedented happened. The chief of the city police said that they are on the side of the protesting people, but there still must be no destruction and looting. To show their support of the people, the riot police putted their shield and helmets on the ground! From the other side people gave them flowers.’

The Police were routed in towns and cities across the country, causing the entire government to resign…and call more anger-diffusing elections…but protests continue unabated, as people refuse to be fooled by yet another bunch of crooks in suits intent on robbing them blind…


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3 responses to “THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN…

  1. Florence

    Until the rioters stop and focus on the head of the squid, nothing will change. Nothing but pressure valves, a few allowed riots in the streets. Arm yourselves. aim for the head of the squid. There are billions of mindless minions, tentacles if you well. We could be here til judgement day hacking away at tentacles only to see them replaced instantly. Any of you with mind unchained, arm yourselves, choose one or two in the head. There are only a few key hundreds, and a few thousands, possibly a few tens of thousands, to replace them. Lets hack the head off shall we? where are the aged? Where are the infirm? Where are the terminally ill? Go out with honour as well. Help us. You know who they are, at least the level that is visible to us all. Trade one of you for one or two of them. They cannot survive such sustained losses. Make a difference. You either stand on the side of Liberty and Natural Rights, or you serve Darkness. There exists no middle ground. Choose, and fight.

  2. john carey

    I expect a re-run of the 80`s but for the whole of the European countries – youth have the energy/balls/drive to tell the men in the suits, they want work – but more importantly hope for the future

    • scherben909

      I hope they insist on not wanting work. Who wants to fight (by whatever means) for the right to continued servility? The right to be your own authority on the other hand…

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