Isn’t it interesting that Tory ‘defence’ minister Philip Hammond’s call for more cuts to benefits in order to preserve the UK military standing, should coincide with a report that the government and media is misrepresenting the poor and misusing statistics to justify more attacks on welfare? (1)british soldier in iraq

This was proceeded by the announcement that the governments overseas aid budget could be diverted to the MOD for ‘peacekeeping’ -rather than the millions spent to grease the palms of corrupt politicians and businessmen abroad, with only a fraction actually benefiting those in real poverty, often in the shape of ‘Plumpy Nut’ ,the peanut butter-based product designed to feed malnourished kids.(2)


Naturally we want to spend more money on our ‘Heroes’ as they occupy foreign lands, systematically torturing the locals, randomly killing innocent civilians and committing massacres of unarmed prisoners- All for ‘Freedom’ you understand, and nothing to do with UK business getting it’s greasy mitts on mineral resources… as British Mining companies welcomed the announcement that the UK government is giving £10m to ‘help Afghanistan exploit its huge natural resources’ in the shape of $1-3tn worth of gold, gems, iron ore, and oil and gas, (and beat the Chinese to the spoils). (3)


So the money spent to facilitate the ‘Defence of the Realm’ by stamping on the heads of 12yr old kids, ‘slotting’ farmers with 7.62mm bullets and threatening to rape the wives and children of suspects is all well spent…Sadly for ‘Our Boys’ while they are being  just-about funded to do the dirty work for British financial interests, their families at home will be feeling the benefits cuts, in particular the ‘Bedroom Tax’ (where Tommy’s bedroom is considered a unecessary expense), along with veterans who, once they leave the forces, get no preferential treatment after returning to being plebs like the rest of us.  There will be plenty of squaddies being transformed into ‘jobseekers’ in the coming months, as military redundancies rise,  who will be forced to do unpaid work through the government’s  ‘Workfare’ program for such ‘charitable’ organisations as the Salvation Army and the Sue Ryder Trust (‘The Big Society’ at last!)-especially with the withdrawl of the now redundant British Army on the Rhine.


Meanwhile, should they have a combat disability, they can expect to have their benefits cut, while their children, if they have them, may be reduced to only eating cold chips, or biscuits, for their school dinner (4).  Given the housing crisis, they’re also likely to end up in private accommodation with inflated rents and will therefore be subject to having their Housing Benefit capped…


The government, still determined to print money and inflate their way to economic growth, hoping that business may spontaneously recover thanks to suppressing and devaluing wages and crushing benefits, shuns the idea of spending on a house-building program to stimulate the economy, and meet the need for homes (‘Fit for Heroes’ ?). Doubtless they are persuaded not to do this by their friends, the millionaire developers, who sit on enough land to build half a million homes, but who prefer to wait for prices to rise. They admit to making higher profits despite not building desparately need housing. In essence, there is a conspiracy between the politicians, banks and developers to keep up the book value of their land, which means a deliberate refusal to build, for fear of exposing their assets’ true worth. (These are the same building companies who have regularly spied on their own workers to suppress union activity and ‘costly’ Health and Safety demands from ‘troublemakers’).

So while the rich ensure the security of their assets in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mali through military force, at the expense of the poor in the UK, they are refusing to stimulate the economy at home through a much needed public housing program, their banks are refusing to lend  the public money given to them in order to loan to the public, their stock market continues to inflate to historic levels, creating yet another massive asset-bubble waiting to burst…


The National Accountant for the UKplc, Chancellor George ‘Fatcunt’ Osborne has now gone to Brussels to prevent the European political class from capping the bonuses and pay of their allies, the Bankers…having realised that the grotesque inequalities between their rocketing wealth and the tumbling incomes of working and unwaged people across the continent may have a certain ‘negative effect’- like the urge to revolt and destroy them in the long-run…Not that this dissuades the bankers from suggesting that workers pay ought to fall by as much as 30% across Europe (as it has in Greece), and that while they theorise that wage-cuts are good for economic growth and productivity, they insist that this is only the case when applied to the plebs; the workers, the poor, the disabled, the homeless and not themselves…

disabled protest greece

The best laxative to get a constipated financial system moving again, to get the banks to lend to the public, to pay higher taxes, to tighten their pay and bonus belts, may not be the stimulus of legal sanctions, the threat of nationalisation or a credit-fuelled house-building program, but at the very least a bloody good hard kick in the gut for the rich -one which is long overdue, although sadly, we are unlikely to see this coming from the Trades Unions since they are the faithful servants of the rich and only act in their own interests and that of Capital by stifling anger through impotent, symbolic action.

If nothing else, the desire of the rich to cut the welfare budget and protect military spending, is aimed at ensuring that they still have an army to protect them and their families’ wealth once the newly formed bubble bursts- Only they are stupid enough to count on the loyalty of brutalised working class soldiers who have been conned into fighting their wars for greed and profits, forgetting that these men and women have families too, who are having to suffer the same impoverishment as the rest of their class, at the hands of their political masters…










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  1. john carey

    Its all a balancing act what the Tories can give or take from the poor – I personally think this is all `talk` for the MSM – police will not go out of the way to assist the Government as they our of the opinion they are going to be shafted regarding working conditions, so please riot people say the cops! – prisons are full – All a smoke screen for tax increases for the middle class and lower wages all round

  2. I've had enough of this shit

    Excellently written piece.

  3. dogman

    Very good article and the last paragraph in particular! I try to mention to people that we don’t actually have an army or police force. When people look confused, I enjoy pointing out who the oath is sworn to, and it isn’t of any benefit to us serfs. F that, I’m nobody’s serf!

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