Combat the Bedroom Tax





Excellent blog hailing from Liverpool, giving great advice and info about this attack on working class social housing tenants- I particularly like the fact that it was the Labour Party tories that originated the idea long before the Conservative Party tories, they say that Labour-

‘a party who introduced size criteria, aka the bedroom tax, in 2008 and then planned to extend it to the social housing sector in 2010. To add insult to injury, these haughty plebs also supported unpaid work, workfare, manifesting itself in the current Labour policy of the ‘Real Jobs Guarantee’, which lays out a similar sanction regime to the current government.’

Check it out here:-


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  1. cantankerous


    ‘DINING rooms, praised by the government as crucial to family cohesion, may become subject to David Cameron’s controversial “bedroom tax”. Councils will be allowed to classify dining rooms as bedrooms for the purposes of the new tax, which comes into force next month.’

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