Died 130 years ago today. Great analysis, great ideas, great thinking, great goal, but sadly, he settled for a shitty authoritarian solution, a mistake repeated over and over again. Old Karl was right about capitalism though, even if he failed to come up with a working alternative because he was too busy learning turkish and chinese…

ImageYou can say that again…




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  1. Karl Marx himself didn’t settle for a “shitty authoritarian solution”.However you could say that certain of his “alleged followers” settled for one.

    • Comontismo

      Yes. Saying that Karl Marx settled an “authoritarian solution” is simply bullshit.
      I would like to invite in a brotherly way our follower (sorry !!! our apostate) anarchist to spend more time to the essential (exploring “the cause of the causes”) and on reading, instead of fighting the last war or shooting a cadaver, i.e. The Church. (Not to mention the spreading of moral panics: pedophilia, domestic violence, rape …)


      • gitanex

        Here we go , the bloody apostles of one marxist doctrine battle another. Marx was about transition, change and possibillities; right about much wrong about loads. Like all philosophy it looks good in print . Like the bible.

  2. john carey

    I think the more it gets fucked up economically in the USA – thats when things will kick off – even the USA haven`t the troops to fight on 3 fronts (Iraq, Afganistan and internal conflck with the poor. Plus the poor have guns over there). Socialism in USA? – more poor than rich there now – `the American Dream` now is food in yours, and your families belly.

  3. annie

    Hello Inc 🙂

    Thought you might like this article by Terry Eagleton.

    “Marx’s goal is leisure, not labor. The best reason for being a socialist, apart from annoying people you happen to dislike, is that you detest having to work. Marx thought that capitalism had developed the forces of production to the point at which, under different social relations, they could be used to emancipate the majority of men and women from the most degrading forms of labor. What did he think we would do then? Whatever we wanted. If, like the great Irish socialist Oscar Wilde, we chose simply to lie around all day in loose crimson garments, sipping absinthe and reading the odd page of Homer to each other, then so be it. The point, however, was that this kind of free activity had to be available to all. We would no longer tolerate a situation in which the minority had leisure because the majority had labor.”

    His latest book, out last year, is titled, ‘Why Marx was Right’. I’m hoping to get it once I work out how to use the kindle thingymy my kids got me for mothers day 🙂

    Still not made it to Greece, but heading off again tomorrow in the old camper 🙂 Still enjoying your blog and comments, keep it up!


    • Comontismo


      1) It’s not about “one marxist doctrine battle another”. Only factuality. To re establish the truth. (Cf. Marx’s concepts of Entfremdung, Gemeinwesen, for example)
      2) For the record : I’m personally against all kind of believe, doctrine, ideology, paradigm, and other ism.
      3) One more banality :
      – Marx refused to be described as a “philosopher” (or a “sociologist”, “historian”, “journalist” … ). And he was not just against the philosophy (as separated activity), he called for the overtaking of the philosophy.
      – Even little bit before his time, in some parts of the Continent, the philosophy or the philosophers was named “The philosophical sect” (by Rousseau, a pre-Marxian, for example). Why ? Simply because they were elitists, lobbyists, and fanatically liberals (Cf. Les Lumieres).

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