Within a matter of days, or at the most a week, we’ll see whether the rape of Cypriot depositors, both the ‘little people’ and the Russo-Oligarch-Mafia, will turn into panic, first across southern Europe and then beyond. The european capitalist boss class have made it quite clear: ‘You are all scum, all your money is ours’, and in one deft stroke, they have undermined the entire, alleged, raison d’etre of the banking system- trust and security…Failing that, we may well see the collapse of the entire Cypriot banking sector, showing that because, not despite, the fact it is a tiny, peripheral nation, Europe is utterly bankrupt, and out of sheer desparation the banks are willing to rob their customers in order to survive, with governments prepared to impose capital controls to aid and abet them in their goal. The austerity imposed on our class and the devaluing of national and continental currencies has rather obviously failed, so the brutal measure of direct, rather than the indirect, theft through inflation and the destruction of purchasing power, appears to be the only option left…

We have underestimated the dire shortage of pearl necklaces, ponies, rolexes and high-performance cars amongst the elite- oh the inhumanity!… but our duty as proles is apparently to provide these ‘necessities’ of life…

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  1. Comontismo

    You mention one Mafia (the Russo-oligarch) you forgot another one : the British Mafia military-industrial (3 500 soldiers)… And talking about the banking system, in Spain the ‘little people’ invented a new form of contestation :

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