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Graffiti is pictured on a pillar outsideOn the weekend before the most savage cuts to social security in generations are introduced, the Tory party have gone on a media offensive to attack sick and disabled people or those who are unemployed, low waged and poor.

Minister for Murdering Disabled People Esther Mcvey began the assault with a vile piece of propaganda in the Daily Mail on Saturday.  Mcvey claims that many people who are “officially classed ‘disabled’ are no such thing”.  Her nasty diatribe comes in advance of the changes to disability benefits which will see around a fifth of disabled people lose vital support.

This is a woman with so much real world experience that she still lives with her business-owning dad at the age of 45.  Despite a half-arsed attempt at setting up a business, the nearest Mcvey has ever come to real work was sitting on the GMTV sofa.  Is it any…

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  1. Agitator

    Couldn’t those that are being robbed of £14.96/week/per bedroom take one thousand four hundred and ninety six penny pieces (NOT in bags) by the week into their council/housing assoc offices and just dump it on them? If thousands did this this tax would soon crumble. Ran this by indy but they removed the article twice for some obscure reason… That’s the left for you.
    If you think this could work, please spread! Cheers.

  2. Jo

    It seems the law may have been changed after this tactic was attempted during the poll tax to stop people paying in pennies. Don’t know about 2p’s or the new 5p’s but it’s a good idea that needs to be considered.

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