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The reactionary old bag has kicked the bucket at last, and I for one, among hundreds of thousands of people will be celebrating the demise of one the greatest class enemies in history, whose hatred for the working class was unsurpassed…Why did, and do, we hate The Grantham Witch? A quick refresher:-

For supporting apartheid racism, for destroying the Mining communities, for sinking the Belgrano and murdering 323 Argentine sailors, for selling off OUR council housing, for destroying worker’s rights, for militarising the cops and backing their every crime, for ‘shoot to kill’, for Gibraltar, for the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4, for Wapping, for the ‘sus’ laws, for Cherry Groce and Cynthia Jarrett and all the many, many deaths in custody, for Trident, for The Poll Tax, for Orgreave, for Hillsborough, for Liverpool, for the Peace Convoy in the Beanfield, for the beginnings of the destruction of OUR NHS, for her arms-dealing, warmongering, for deregulating the City and landing us in the present shite, for snatching kid’s milk, for ‘care in the community’ for ‘there is no such thing as society’, for her racism at home -stealing the vote from the NF, for enabling and protecting her paedo chums, Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Morrison and her ‘British Lion’, for giving Murdoch the power he has, for her cuts and privatisations, for the H-Block Hunger Strikers, for the missiles at Greenham Common, for the bombing of Libya, for the first Gulf War, for Peterhead, for Strangeways, for her support of slum landlords, property speculators and exploitation in the workplace, for producing Tony Blair, for turning us all into prostitutes, for having a politics based on nothing more than  ‘I’m alright Jack- fuck everybody else’  (disguised as a cod-philosophical ‘Freedom’) , for turning this country into a de-unionised, de-industrialised, commercialised, Americanised, privatised, wasteland filled with greed, materialist banality and envy, rampant self-interest and greed, magnified by a vacuuous celebrity culture peddled through shallow, prurient tabloid gossip- a shithole that depends on the tax-evading, casino-money laundering economics of the City of London, and a vast service sector that produces nothing of any consequence, where working class communities are reduced to living off meagre benefits and wages because the ‘job-creators and ‘wealth-producers’ , so beloved of Thatcher, can’t see any return or benefit to investing in them…



For national and international parties:-

So far-

England – – –
London – Trafalgar Square
Bristol -City Centre, opposite the Hippodrome Theatre.
Brighton – Clock Tower
Bradford – Centenery Square
Burry St Edmunds – Chequer Square
Birmingham – Victoria Square
Carlisle – Club Victoria
Coventry – Fountain on the Precinct.
Cambridge – Mid-Summer Common
Doncaster – Town Centre (from Hatfield Colliery)
Falmouth – The Moor
Hastings (East Sussex), The Town Centre.
Hull – Queens Gardens
Liverpool – St Georges Plateau
Leeds City Square.
Leicester – Clock Tower
Luton – St Georges Square
Manchester – Albert Square
Oxford – Bonn Square
Norwich – Forum
Nottingham – Market Square (something about Sneinton?)
Newcastle – Monument
Plymouth – Armada Way The Sun Dial
Portsmouth – Pompey – Guildhall Square
Rotherham – All Saints Green (or Orgeave)?
Sheffield – Devonshire Green
Sunderland – Stadium of Light (atop Munkwearmouth Pit!)
York – The Naivesmire
Worcester – Elgar Statue
Warrington – Market Gate.

Scotland – – –
Edinburgh – The Mound
Glasgow – George Square
Dundee – The counting house

Wales – – –
Wales – Cardif – City Hall
Wales – Aberystwyth – ????
Wales – Swansea – Castle Square

Northern Ireland – – –

Republic of Ireland – – –
Dublin City Centre – Temple Bar

Thailand – Nong Khai
Italy – Venice – St Marco
Spain – Barcelona – Plaza Real – midnight!
New Zealand – Aotea Square
Norway – Oslo – National Theatre Station (outside)
Sweden – Stockholm – Sergels Torg 6 pm saturday after.
USA – – –
Denver – Colorado – 16th Street Mall

12 countries and counting… Lets make it a Global Party!




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  1. Miner's family lad

    Nice one Incubus .. a historic moment indeed .. and a fucking relief.

    • Anonymous

      horrible evil old hag has gone. Lets get on the piss and party. Good ridance to her. effing ghastly poxy witch

  2. scherben909

    You wouldn’t think she was anything but wonderful judging by the media. The people she crushed have their voice stifled still.

    The fucking old bitch should be stuffed into the nearest sewer.

  3. JBC

    A class piece of writing. Well done. I’m an ungrateful sod–Maggie and her Cronies gave me 52 weeks holiday a year and I never appreciated it–but you’ve done her fair justice in this post, and I applaud you.

  4. annie

    Hello Inc,
    Been partying all the day long 🙂

  5. johnnyboy

    I should have filmed my 75 year old dad dancing a jig of joy yesterday afternoon & uploaded it to you tube. First time i’ve ever seen him dance he doesn’t even do it at weddings.

  6. GSD owner

    Fantastic piece of writing Incubus, you have laid her ‘achievements’ bare, I will not mourn her passing, her legacy is tainted with the utmost cruelty and indifference to people.Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if people want to celebrate, so be it. When Franco died in 1996 the whole of Spain celebrated, even Iberia ( the Airline) had cut price tickets to Spain by way of celebration and this was years before cut price Air Travel.Her ‘legacy’ is truly terrible and the sycophants who are saying what a great PM she was etc are really deluded or plain stupid.I have memories of the Miners Strike which she was determined to crush and it was crushed brutally.She left the Mining towns with a legacy of joblessness and poverty that went down the generations and a deep mistrust of the Police who did Thatcher’s bidding with relish.So lets remember what this person stood for and thanks for your fantastic post.

  7. dennis T

    It’s so good to know the old bag is rotting away at this very moment

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