thatcher in hell

Thatcher lead the pigs to the trough, and now we’re all drowning in their stinking shit.

While the Police have said that although their role is not to ‘uphold respect’ for Thatcher at her funeral, they have said that they will ‘Fucking Nick’ anyone causing ‘distress, harassment or alarm’ under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 (Thatcher’s own nasty Act) – an incredibly broad law, totally open to subjective interpretation and one widely regarded as a menace to free speech and the right to protest. It has been repeatedly abused by ‘over-zealous’ (read, cunty) coppers and prosecutors, to variously arrest gay rights campaigners, Christian street preachers, critics of Scientology and even students making jokes.

So even the act of simply turning your back on the hearse / gun-carriage could be deemed as ‘distressing’…Although I’m sure that won’t deter people from doing so. This is all very reminiscent of the death of another authoritarian pig in 2011, and perhaps tells us something about the supposed democracy that we all live in:-

‘Since Kim Jong Il’s death was announced on Monday, many people have marvelled at the mourning scenes featured on North Korean state television, made viral on the Internet: North Koreans prostrate, weeping, hitting the ground. Many have asked whether the anguish is genuine. How could citizens mourn the passing of a totalitarian, such a gross abuser of human rights?

The answer may be found in the human rights abuses themselves.

It is a lamentable characteristic of totalitarian regimes that they often demand acts of deceit from those they oppress. Often it is a matter of simple survival. Those who hate the regime are obliged to demonstrate patriotism. To fail is to risk persecution.‘

This is probably how our current lords and masters would prefer us to behave on Wednesday:-




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  1. annie

    The blockade follows a weekend of action calling on the UK Government to scrap Trident and use its budget to fund welfare, education and health instead.

    Ray Davies, 83, a Labour councillor for Caerphilly in Wales, travelled to Scotland for the protest. He sat on the road in front of the north gate holding a Welsh flag.

    “I am here on behalf of the people of Wales. I am here on behalf of my seven grandchildren, my 12 great-grandchildren and for the children of the world because we want a world that’s not poisoned. We want a planet that can live in peace and can have a future,” he said.

    “There can never be a peaceful world with nuclear weapons, not just nuclear weapons but the pollution from the power stations that they need. Everything that is connected to nuclear weapons is slowly but surely poisoning this beautiful planet.

    “I will never, ever give up. As long as there is a fire burning in my belly.”

    And don’t them, thar, they MSM ‘investigative journalists’ and the established order just LOVE to to keep up the ‘fear factor’ and put our young students at risk, now and in the future, whilst subliminally reminding us of how much we need these ‘weapons of mass destruction’ if loon balls like Kim Jong Un are declaring that frontline troops should “break the waists of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and thus clearly show them what a real war is like”, despite the fact that he, and his loony forebears, have been using the same tactic to get concessions from the west for decades. I mean, seriously, why worry about Saddam Hussein with his ‘potential’ WoMD, all those years ago, when they should have been more bloody concerned with the loon balls who actually had them?!

    Gotta keep the facade churning and if it does escalate into a full blown nuclear war, well, the rich have their bunkers and they’ll make lotsa dosh 😦

    The bastards are up to something…

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