Farmers driving Lamborginis? Only if they are the CEOs of Agri-conglomerates getting fat off cheap immigrant and automated labour, selling Genetically Modified Mush at inflated prices. Meanwhile the bubble strains at the seems…


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  1. Aidan

    I’m no expert in the economics of farming but I wonder if the average age of farmers shouldn’t be somehow cross referenced with how many acres they farm, what kind of land and what, exactly, are they farming. Subsidies distort the picture so that a Brit dairy farmer will get more from EU subsidies than they do from milk sales. A Welsh hill farmer with a few acres producing lamb will always struggle – especially when cruel winters kill many stock. A thousand acres of arable land in Norfolk and you’re laughing. The supermarkets – the most expensive place to buy meat or veg – have distorted the market because they’re the big buyers and push the prices they pay down while they push the prices consumer pay up. So support your independent butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer if you’ve got one. You wil save money. .

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