Shit, I dunno, I used to post comments on Ian Bone’s blog, and a few people liked what I had to say- So here I am.  I can’t guarantee I’ll be anything like Bone- though the blog might look like his, that’s purely out of sticking with a format I’m used to- and I can’t say I’ll be around for as long as him online, given the fact that I may be made redundant and won’t be able to afford to be online…We’ll see.


About my ‘politics’:- I used to call myself an ‘anarchist’, until I realised that all ideologies are essentially reactionary, and therefore, counter-revolutionary, a conclusion I came to through experience and through learning.  I suppose I could be labelled as an ‘ultra-leftist’…but that won’t do, so I prefer to simply describe myself as a Proletarian, and while this might be construed as being somewhat Marxist, you’d be right- but not because I am a Marxist. No, I’m just a simple prole, one who believes in theory over and above ideology, and ‘praxis’ ( the translation of ideas into action) over and above theory… I may well share many ideas with anarchists and marxists and probably a few other ‘ists’, but I seek to avoid the pitfalls and cul-de-sacs of ideology. I think there many other proletarians like me out there, who have had a bellyfull of political ideologies, politicos of all stripes, and seek something else with which to destroy the current set of social relations we understand  as hierarchical capitalism.  We are at the bottom of the pile, we own no capital ( as in the means of production), we have no wish to profit by the exploitation of others, nor be exploited ourselves, we have no ambitions to accrue wealth or hold power- We just want to destroy that which destroys us, redistribute social wealth and democratise power to the point where it negates itself.


The rich are our misfortune.


5 responses to “About

  1. Ray

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I very much like this “about” and I think that it reflects what a lot of people feel. Good luck with the blog. I’ll put a link up on Bad Old Days tomorrow.

    • Cheers, Ray, I’ll do likewise! I’m finding this whole blogging malarky quite stressful though- interfering with my pleasure principle- and giving me a headache when it comes to writing actaul ‘pieces’…

  2. Anonymous

    I hate to be cynical mate, but the Soviets tried it and the result was a pile of corpses. Millions of them.

  3. lostinthurrock

    Can’t find an e-mail address for you so I’ll have to do it here… This is just to let you know that the Thurrock Heckler blog has moved and is now at: http://thurrockheckler.wordpress.com/

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