My boss is a patronising hypocrite who thinks that I and my fellow workers are stupid, that we don’t notice him slope-off to fiddle his hours, when he goes to moonlight with his personal new-age health business, where he can overcharge a few dumb wealthy clients with some hand-knitted smelly oils and some pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo, similar to the impressively empty manager-speak, designed to make him sound like he knows what he’s talking about but which is in reality so much verbal diorrehea. He likes to dish out his own work and make out that he’s delegating some sort of democratic favour, where in fact he’s a lazy, useless fuck and a self-serving, flip-flop wearing coward to boot- hiding in his office and avoiding doing any real work, even when he’s timetabled to do it, making his excuses that he has a backlog of emails to shuffle and statistics to report. He’ll talk to me about co-workers that are ‘problematic’ (bullies  besides himself, and those with poor social skills) as if we are ‘equals’, then he’ll drop in a dig at me, out of the blue- as if he’s trying to be ‘balanced’.  He’ll likewise praise my work or ideas and then do the same thing, presumably to assert his ‘authority’ and put me in my place (while he takes the ‘credit’) . He never catches me skiving off cos he’s too much of an incompetent muppet arsehole, and too easily flattered. He thinks I like him , he thinks I respect him. More fool him, cos I hate the smarmy cunt’s fucking guts with a vengeance, and have nothing but contempt for the middle class prick, who likes to wear designer ‘hipster’ shirts and the latest ‘cool’ retro trainers, he looks and talks like a liberal but acts like a fascist and has a barely concealed contempt for working class people, the homeless or the mentally ill and  is terrified of black people-unless they happen to be proper middle class, female and therefore ‘safe’. I dream of punching him right in the middle of his  smug, smooth, round, muesli-munching face, but have to content myself with the knowledge that there’s a fair chance he’ll get his head crushed under the wheels of a big red bus,with a satisfying popping sound, as he cycles to work …The cock.


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10 responses to “MY BOSS IS A SMARMY CUNT.

  1. Old Stoat

    Muesli eh? The bastard.jnn

  2. Kelly

    My boss is a cunt too but I am no good at concealing it, unlike my co-worker, who excells at smarmy arse licking. Unfortunately not being good at the sport I am seen as ‘awkward’. I have also discovered since moving into a ‘professional’ job from cleaning that morals and ethics are not required even if it (literally) says on the job description that they are and that if you try to stick by them you rapidly become excluded. The joy of the world of paid work hey, I’m just glad i avoid it as much as possible.

  3. “Too many times I passed over this link, and that was a failure. I’m pleased I will be back!”

  4. “I dugg some of you post as I thought they were handy extremely helpful”

  5. Legion

    I am fairly new to the blog world but I have been drawn here having read some of your welcome, articulate and thoughtful posts elsewhere.
    I once did a search which excluded the words, “My boss” and ”smarmy” however I included the name of the, erm, being in the photograph above and included the rest of the words in the title. The results of my search have supplied me with endless amusement to this day.
    I now have much reading to catch up on.
    Best Regards.

    • One BadRat

      The “being” in the picture, well….Mephistopheles may not be his name, but I worked out his game and I think he’s a tosser.
      Like your style Incubus.

  6. dogman

    Makes you wonder how people like him get to become bosses. When I started work, I used to think bosses were clever, but didn’t take long to work out how many are chancers or connected!

  7. Sounds familiar (in a different way of course) to my latter experiences at Royal Mail, after being there for 30 years or more. RM started promoting the sort of line (and senior) managers who had no people nor management skills at all. There were exceptions, notable ones too, but the others were er,shits!

  8. Fortunately, my bosses were empathetic individuals except for one I remember who used to look out the corner of her eyes when she spoke with you. Whoo she was seriously weird and smoked like a chimney to boot.

  9. Anonymous

    Not only is my boss a uptight, humourless cunt, so is her husband and daughters and all their friends. I feel very outnumbered and cornered at times. They come over as nice and friendly but this is just the masks they wear. They are snooty arse lickers with an air of false grace about themselves. Wankers the lot of them

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