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People call it ‘apathy’ or ‘disillusionment’, I prefer to call the mass abstention of voters in yesterday’s by-elections an expression of contempt for the political class and their masters, the bankers- the figures speak for themselves-

~ Rotherham, 66.4% Abstention

~Croyden North, 73.6% Abstention

~Middlesborough, 74.1% Abstention

…and let’s not forget those spoiled ballot papers too!

Even for by-elections, these figures are massive, down 50% on the dismal turn-out for the last General Election, and let’s face it, the Coalition government was never returned with any real mandate from the people to carry out any of the policies now in effect (not including all the broken promises). What do they expect when we all know that the shower of good for nothing, bastards are all the same?:- corrupt, lying, thieving*, conniving, self-serving, paedo-enabling Blatcherite scum in bed with a bent press, corporate tax-avoiding lobbyists, the rate-fiddling, bail-out begging banksters (with another bailout on the way too) and the war-mongering Neo-con US military-industrial complex, presiding over a precarious bankrupt political economy dependent on the infinite creation of money-as-debt to prop up an insane model of perpetual unsustainable, illusory ‘growth’. When inflation becomes uncontrollable and the Bond Market bubble bursts, they will reap the bitter fruit that they have sown.

No doubt there will be much liberal hand-wringing over the long, slow death of bourgeois democracy, with that old refrain of ‘if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!’- well, I say the reverse is true, when you hand over your personal sovereignty to a bunch of rich cunts (when 78% of all current MPs are millionaires) you can only but keep your mouth shut, if for no other reason than sheer embarassment

bankers vs people_0


*It’s worth knowing that MPs expenses have only fallen by 1% since the expenses scandal broke- so it’s business as usual in the Dunghouses of Parliament.


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So, our intrepid free press failed after many, many, many decades to find out anything of any public interest about the revolting, and revoltingly well-heeled, and connected, Sir Jimmy SaVile OBE and Papal Knight of the Holy Order of Child-Molesters and Rapists? What? Nothing but charity work, knighthoods, gongs and tea with Mrs.T? When they could get details on just about anybody, from murdered children, to the families of the victims of terror attacks and soldiers who had died in combat? No ‘Gotcha!’? No filth? Not a drop? Despite all the rumours? You’re having a laugh!

The ‘Free Press’ isn’t free, it’s motivated purely by profit- and the more pointless sensational shit it can shift the better, as long as it isn’t really in the public interest, rather than real stories about the moral and financial corruption of the rich and powerful, like the truth about the economic toilet the bastards have dumped us into. No, ‘Sir Jim’ simply had too many friends in High Places, and they all have a fantastic relationship with the newspapers, since without the garbage they peddle, nobody would really bother to vote any more and the ‘Blatcherite’ scum would have to resort to brute force rather than lies and deceptions in order to continue thieving from the rest of us. Why people lap up what is as good as dog-sick masquerading as ‘news’ is beyond me.

Even if the poxy government was to regulate the shitty, bumfodder press, it would still be like putting a wolf in charge of the sheep, just like their puerile efforts to ‘regulate’ the banks- a fucking joke, one which is on us, just like the Leveson Enquiry Report and the Press as a whole. Well, I ain’t laughing, but Murdocchio is…


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So the new Governor of the Bank of England is ‘ex’ – Goldman Sachs’  Mark Carney (Goldman Sachs is the multinational investment banking firm that engages in global investment banking, securities, investment management, bailout-sponging and rate-fixing- known as the”Great Vampire Squid”), thus completing the global domination of Europe’s financial system, which itself is currently crushing national sovereignty in favour of  the survival of international Capital.  George Osborne might have recruited Carney on the basis of his “success” in Canada. But in reality he is just another Alan Greenspan — a debt bubble-maker and reinflationist happy to pump the banking sector full of digitally printed money and call it “prosperity” before the irrational exuberance runs dry, and the bubble inevitably bursts…

So a bunch of crooks in suits (even by capitalism’s own standards) are set to ride roughshod over the ‘democratic deficit’,  across Europe,  with more profitable austerity, imposed on us, for the benefit of themselves and other bankers. Someone once said that in order to control the world, you must first control Europe…So let the social vampirism commence, as the self-proclaimed ‘Masters of the Universe’ suck all the wealth out of ‘society’ (that’s you and me- the working class, or proletariat), by slashing welfare, driving down wages and working conditions to maximise social passivity and boost profits (I think they call it ‘simplifying the cost-base‘), all so that they, their privileged off-spring and that of their global class, can continue to live a life of materially glutted idleness off the back of millions of impoverished people.  These bastards have no nation, their class is international and they laugh at the limited world-view of their class enemy (again, that’s you and me- the working class, or proletariat). Roll on the next ‘Lehman-type event’, and see the smiles wiped off their faces as the banks and governments fall like rotten fruit and the working class of every nation come looking for the architects of the Depression…

“The next moment the front of the column went by.  It was not a column, but a mob, an awful river that filled the street, the people of the abyss, mad with drink and wrong, up at last and roaring for the blood of their masters.  I had seen the people of the abyss before, gone through its ghettoes, and I thought I knew it; but I found I was now looking at it for the first time.  Dumb apathy had vanished.  It was now dynamic– a fascinating spectacle of dread.  It surged past my vision in concrete waves of wrath, snarling and growling, carnivorous, drunk with whiskey from pillaged warehouses, drunk with hatred, drunk with lust for blood– men, women and children, in rags and tatters, dim ferocious intelligences with all the godlike blotted from their features and all the fiendlike stamped in, like apes and tigers, anaemic consumptives and great hairy beasts of burdon, wan faces from which the vampire society had sucked the juice of life, bloated forms swollen with physical grossness and corruption, withered hags and death’s heads bearded like patriarchs, festering youth and festering age, faces of fiends, crooked, twisted misshapen monsters blasted with the ravages of disease and all the horrors of chronic innutrition– the refuse and scum of life, a raging, screaming, screeching, demoniacal horde.

And why not? The people of the abyss had nothing to lose but the misery and pain of living….”

(Jack London- The Iron Heel 1908)

For more on the “Great Vampire Squid” -See here.



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With the Levenson Enquiry report due out this week we can only imagine what a lilly-livered white-wash it will be, notwithstanding the fact that the Capitalist press is solely interested in making money, manipulating or sucking-up to political and financial power, the issue of state or self-regulation is practically irrelevent, but given the sheer amount of Dirt the tabloids are capable of raking up, or rather, the sheer amount of compromising data they hold on the Rich and Shameless in power, we should expect that the press will be allowed to continue its exposure of total ‘nobodies’ using illicitly gained information.  Meanwhile, many wealthy, powerful and famous scumbags will be allowed to continue committing crimes aginst children and humanity as a whole, sheltered by a press which will only ever expose them should the political or business need arise… It stretches credulity to think that The News of the World or The Sun never knew anything about Sir Jimmy Savile, all the while induging in utter bollocks like ‘Squidgygate’ and countless other examples of pointless info-tainment tittle-tattle to keep the public’ from focussing on more serious matters…and in a world of ‘D’-Notices, super-injunctions, pre-libellous compensation threats and an already rigorous form of self-censorship when it comes to the Establishment, where is the point in any Public Enquiry anyway?

As we are heading into at least six years (until 2018) of an ongoing economic Depression which has been described as the “equivalent of war”,  it’s comforting to know the press will be serving up steaming hot piles of lies by the shovelful to keep our minds off our misery- as they used to post outside bombed shops during the Blitz-‘Business as Usual’… We are indeed on a ‘War footing’.



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I’m loving the way the government and their agencies are now shifting the entire child abuse narrative onto the Pakistani community, not the majority white offenders, and well away from the alleged Peter Righton-related paedophile ring in ruling class circles. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all total scumbags, but those in power can conspire to conceal their crimes far more easily, are supposed to protect society from such abuse and of-course such people are in a position to influence child protection policies, just as Righton was…With senior government sources described the recent Children’s Commissioner’s report as “hysterical and half-baked” and failing to focus on cases such as the Rochdale grooming/abuse ring…In reality the report also pointed to a disproportionate percentage of the victims coming from ethnic minorities, not that anybody wanting to hype the racial angle gives a shit that a statistically high proportion of black and asian kids have been abused.

Across the internet, on blogs and on comment threads for news articles, there is a great deal of commentary aiming to steer people into thinking that the Rochdale case, involving Pakistani and Afghan men, and the recent case in Cambridge, are somehow more important than the fact of a wealthy, powerful, paedophile ring in high places- even to the extent of someone saying on one thread that the furore over Jimmy Savile was some kind of ‘PC’ cover-up for the aforementioned cases!  Meanwhile other unctious racists blame ‘The Jews’ for child abuse, not least the demented followers of the neo-nazi Nick Griffin of BNP infamy.

The fact is, the upper class paedophiles will certainly welcome the deflection of blame and outrage onto different ethnic minorities, but in reality it makes no difference, since any sane person recognises that child-abuse is a problem throughout society regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, creed or background.  However, most of us poor, sorry citizen-subjects are lead to believe that those who govern us, make and uphold the law for us, profit from us, preach to us and supposedly protect us,  are also somehow morally and socially superior  and therefore more trustworthy– which is where they derive their legitimacy from in order to rule over us.  So the fact that some of them are involved in raping children is certainly of more concern than your average, run-of-the-mill abusers, whether the operate out of a kebab shop, church vestry or school staff room-( though they are, naturally, no less disgusting.)

Since recent efforts to sweep the whole issue of elite organised paedophilia, that predates on the most vulnerable, is  failing in the face of mass internet use and free speech, it is easy to see how a rather unsophisticated strategy of disinformation and scapegoating  appeals to those in power, though thankfully this angle only panders to those pre-disposed to that other form of mental illness, racism, while the rest of us however know full well who the really guilty men are…




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‘The New Machiavelli’

Lord McAlpine’s views on dealing with the media:

“Another option is for the businessperson to learn the art of dealing with the media, using all the tricks that go with that trade – such as the false defeat: when a person seems to lose, in order to gain public sympathy, or the false triumph: where a person seems to win in order to appear strong – thus giving credibility to any number of dubious propositions that person may wish to make in the future. Neither of these ploys are examples of the use of true facts, rather of false facts given to the media to chew on, much as a dog chews on a bone. Another useful ploy is the false accusation. First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made accusations against both the company and its management become discredited. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion. Always remember that people’s memories are very frail, remembering only both the high spots and the lows of a person’s career, and then seldom remembering accurately. People believe in the facts that it suits them to believe.”

Quote taken from “The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business” 1999 – you can read this quote yourself in the book by searching for ‘public sympathy’ on this page:

‘Lord McAlpine has so far received more money in compensation than the majority of the children who were actually raped and abused got.

Most of them got nothing at all because UK courts decided the children’s homes’ insurers were not liable.’





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McAlpine Has Never Sued Anyone Over Paedophile Allegations.

McAlpine Has Never Sued Anyone Over Paedophile Allegations..

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It has emerged that the inquiry set up by the government, headed by Mrs Justice Julia Macur, into the Waterhouse inquiry ( ad absurdum) will only investigate ‘scores‘ of abuse cases from the mass-rapes and molestions that occured in and around North Wales children’s care homes for decades, as opposed to the hundreds of documented cases.  This is despite the fact that yet more victims have come forward with, presumably, corroborating evidence…


‘ Senior peers said a judicial review of the four-year Waterhouse inquiry into the care home scandal ordered by the Prime Minister should now be scrapped following the retraction by abuse victim Steven Messham.

Lord Berwick, a former Appeal Court judge, said further inquiry by Mrs Justice Julia Macur was now irrelevant. He was backed by Lord Mackay of Clashfern, the former Conservative Lord Chancellor, and Baroness Butler-Sloss, also a retired judge.

“There is no longer any need for another high court judge to go over the work done by Sir Ronald Waterhouse and that on the contrary we should all be grateful for the impeccable nature of his inquiry and the thoroughness of his report,” Lord Lloyd said. ‘

Impeccable? Thorough?

Steven Messham was one of many, many victims, and he certainly has not retracted any of the proven abuse he was subject to whilst in care as a child. Mr.Messham only retracted a name he never actually mentioned publicly under the threat of legal action by a wealthy man with powerful friends.

Baroness Butler-Dross, sorry, Sloss DBE,

[Baroness Butler-Sloss DBE presided over the inquiry into the hugely controversial Cleveland child abuse scandal. (Curiously, some aspects of the Cleveland Child Sexual Abuse Scandal have been likened to a mediaeval witch-hunt, lead by paediatricians and social workers against parents accused of abuse ( accused by those professionals), on the basis of an untested medical theory. Public sympathy sided with the parents, whereas Butler-Sloss found that the pediatricians had “acted properly“]
It would appear that these ‘noble’ Peers of the Realm do not think justice would be served by a new investigation into North Wales- a view that is diametrically opposed the vast majority of the public.  They presumably believe it is ‘not in the public interest’.  Which either means they are extraordinarily out of touch with us, extraordinarily arrogant, extraordinarily stupid, or they have ulterior motives, such as preserving the time-honoured British tradition of maintaining the status quo by maintaining the illusion that the ruling class of this sorry shithole are anything but ‘Great and Good’…


FOOTNOTE :- Seems the press are using the whole McAlpine charade to attack the findings of the Levenson Inquiry now, as the Daily Fail has basically said its findings are compromised, because one of the Judge’s advisors, a Sir David Bell, is also a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalists -involved in the naughty Newsnight story where Lord McAlpine wasn’t named. What a bloody mess, the tabloid press got caught using illegal and immoral methods to get meaningless tittle-tattle, hardly ever going after the rich and shameless, and are now faced with regulation by a government that worked with  hand-in-glove the same corrupt journalists, which then set-up an inquiry so broad as to be pointless…Now we’re heading back to the staus quo of limited regulation, with the added benefit of Murdoch being able to kick the BBC when it’s down. (I’m in no way in favour of state censorship, but I’m equally opposed to the capitalist press being full of shit with politicians in their pockets).

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So said poor, poor, innocent Tory Lord Alistair McAlpine in an interview broadcast today…Meanwhile, his solicitors are looking to do a fat deal on compensation with the BBC, mindful of the fact that, as his solicitor said, ‘it would be the licence-fee payers who’d foot the bill’ -compensation for Newsnight ‘wrongly implicating‘ the Lord, (and not allegedly being ‘wrongly implicated’, because now it is an apparent ‘fact’, despite not having been judged to be so in a court of law ). Let’s hope, that in the interests of humanity, some or all of the compensation proceeds goes towards an organisation like the NSPCC or similar charity, since Lord McAlpine is a wealthy man, and the greater crime is that against the children abused by persons as yet unknown.

Of-course this fits perfectly with the whole Establishment narrative of using the whole affair to attack the Corporation, block out the whole abuse scandal and  fire a warning shot across the bows of any investigative journalist who might want to dig deeper still into all of the allegations relating to alleged paedophiles in alleged high places, (allegedly)…

Curiously, along with negotiating compensation, McAlpine’s legal advisers were still also talking about legal action- but riddle me this, if he had a strong enough case for having been somehow, magically, ‘wrongly implicated’, surely he’d sue the BBC for every penny, but since he was never actually named by anyone, I should think he hasn’t a damned leg to stand on according to the law.  So as I predicted, in the absence of any actual proof of being ‘wrongly implicated’, no libel case will be forthcoming. Doubtless this serves a purpose, because The Establishment doesn’t want the allegations, nor the nefarious activities of  James ‘Jimmy’ McAlpine being rehashed in the courts where there seems little, or no case, to answer , (and nor do they want the awkward issue of the Police supplying a photo and ‘that’ name to Steve Messham, to be brought up again).


So power and influence wins the day, with a Poor Little Rich Lord presented as the central victim of the whole affair (along with ‘outraged licence-fee payers’)…and not the victims of child abuse, past, present and future.

A political decoy issue and a media deflection, if there ever was one, although nagging questions remain amongst us plebs…it’s almost beyond comprehension.

This leaves me in wholehearted agreement with the Tory Lord- “You just think there’s something wrong with the world”…Yes, something very wrong indeed.


FOOTNOTE: It would appear that Lord McAlpine knew about the allegations printed by ‘Scallywag’ magazine (the very same false allegations spread across the internet for some time), twenty years ago and yet, he chose not to prosecute them back then. Asked why not, Lord McAlpine says the magazine was ‘dealt with’ and ‘went bankrupt’- (though that was due to a libel case by former PM John Major and not Lord McAlpine)- so presumably he just let it go.  Though I do wonder why he did nothing when he was still politically active, since the horrendous false allegations that have resurfaced now, were exactly the same, and just as appalling as the ones published all those years ago…

As an aside, I do find it somewhat amusing that a man who was an avowed ‘Eurosceptic’ now resides in the south of Italy, still, even the victims of mistaken identity are allowed some degree of sanctimonious hypocrisy…

In other news:-

Sir Cyril Smith sex abuse dossier seized by MI5

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I live in a London borough which has one of the worst deprivation ratings in this Great Grey city, and indeed the whole country- a few statistics should suffice to illustrate:-

~ 50% of the kids in my borough live in households that depend on state benefits.

~ 75% of them live in social housing, of which 17% live in overcrowded conditions.

~ 30% live in a household without a working adult.

…and plenty live in B+Bs because there is not enough affordable housing- it was recently reported that there has been a 60% rise in children and pregnant women living in single rooms in hotels.

This is one borough, in one city, and admittedly one of the poorest, but multiply the similarly poor economic conditions across the UK, and you have hundreds of thousands of children growing up in deprived communities, and yes, it’s not Africa, and all poverty is absolutely relative, but…Poor social conditions, low wages, shit housing (designed by posh architects) and poverty, virtually guarantee poor life chances, they manufacture psychological and emotional dysfunction in families and individuals, they lead to drug and alcohol dependence, truancy from school ( the industrial production of  supposedly ‘responsible and productive citizens’), a generally poor education ,ultimately more unemployment andcountless other issues, like teen motherhood, infant abandonment etc, etc. These kids have no real ‘quality of life’ with struggling parents who lose hope of ever having anything approaching a ‘better life’ (as advertised), some of who either give up on their kids, or take it out on them. Where a recent survey showed that one in three children have never owned a book, there are many families who can’t afford to eat, let alone read. This is too is child abuse.

Kids may get into trouble with the cops, with their families, with school, they may run away from emotional, sexual, physical and psychological abuse and where do some of them end up? In ‘care’- State care, where the chances of being abused increase massively, either from child-abusers within the system, or by those who prey on children from without. These kids are the product of an economic system that is under-pinned by a vicious class system, where those who presume themselves to be ‘superior’, ‘educated’, ‘cultured’ and ‘civilised’ preside over grotesque inequalities of opportunity, wealth and education, who sneer at the thought of paying more taxes to subsidise a supposed ‘culture of entitlement’, who rail against ‘chavs’ ‘plebs’ and ‘ethnics’. It is these people, who lecture the poor about ‘personal responsibility’, who are happy to revel in the benefits of their own  upper or middle class status , with all the power that it confers, who are ultimately responsible for these children and for those of them who have ended up suffering utterly degrading and inhuman treatment at the hands of sexual sociopaths- (who often inhabit positions of power themselves). The current economic ‘crisis’- the one created by the greed of a completely corrupt and debased ruling class, and an illusion of infinite sustainable growth and ‘progress’, is only going to wreck more people’s lives, through cuts, mass lay-offs and the destruction of social protections. The bastard Tory government is looking to ‘abolish’ child poverty- not the actual reality of it, but by ‘disappearing’ it statistically, by altering the parameters by which social scientists measure it- Why? So they can push more children into it, to camouflage their actions, to cut more of the welfare safety net.

All of the (mainly working class) children in care homes today, or those in care in North Wales, Jersey or any of the other disgusting factory-farms for mass sexual abuse over the past decades, were abused by the class system long before they ended up in care, and the wealthy, the rich, and their apologists, the middle class, were either responsible for ,or party to that abuse…

…and then you silly bastards wonder why there were riots last year?


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